Black Turmeric Medicinal Benefits

Black Turmeric Quick Facts Name: Black Turmeric Scientific Name: Curcuma caesia Origin North-East and Central India Colors Dark brown, bluish black, or buff in color (Rhizome) Shapes 2–6 cm in diameter, the shape and size is often variable (Rhizome) Flesh ...
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Mushroom Risotto With Peas

If you are ever at a loss for what to make for an impromptu dinner party, especially if there will be vegetarians at the table, consider this luxurious mushroom risotto. I added peas because I wanted to introduce some color, ...
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Pasta With Corn, Zucchini And Tomatoes

The two things I love most about this dish of summer vegetables and pasta are the crunch of the corn against the tenderness of the pasta and the fact that I cannot seem to settle on a combination of flavorings ...
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Petting Birds

Getting your bird to accept being pet is more about being in tune with your bird and learning to work with their personality than it is training. Birds vary greatly in how they like contact with people and some just like their personal ...
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What Is A Cuttlebone?

Cuttlebones are seen in pet stores everywhere. And it seems to be a standard accessory in bird cages everywhere. But what is a cuttlebone, where does it come from and why are they in those bird cages? A cuttlebone is not a ...
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