15 Incredible Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea for Digestive

Tea is one of kind of beverages that has been known for its benefit for long time. Including the health benefit of hibiscus tea. Which might sound not really familiar into people’s ear. But apparently it is commonly available in most of the tea house due to hibiscus tea benefit for many things.

As an information, which not everyone knows about it, hibiscus is a type of the flower that grow in the subtropical countries. The flower color is normally red and has fragrant smell. For the past several years, some research finds out that the flower extract is beneficial for the health. Therefore, some industrial company works on this idea and creating instant hibiscus tea. Making this plant become famous and the demand is increasing.

By looking at those phenomena, some country tries to cultivate the plant. Expect that it can help to supply the demand and bring help in medical breakthrough. The winner of this idea is China and Hawaii, which making the countries as the number one supplied countries which rich with hibiscus plant. However, since the flower is now quite famous, many people try to cultivate the flowers in the backyard. Therefore, when leaving in a subtropical county such as in Asia, this try might bring some result. In Indonesia, the flower also commonly growth in the various island. Making it quite easy to find and cultivate in a pot.

Hibiscus Tea Nutrient

Hibiscus tea contains various nutrition that important for the body. Usually in a cup of 250ml of hibiscus tea will contain below nutrition:

  • 37 calories
  • 65gr fat
  • 41gr carbohydrates
  • 3gr fiber
  • 43gr protein
  • 296IU vitamin A
  • 4mg vitamin C
  • 279mg vitamin B1
  • 099mg vitamin B2
  • 64mg iron
  • 073mf copper
  • 012mg zinc

Hibiscus Tea Benefits

Hibiscus tea bring several benefits for the body health. Below are some health benefits of hibiscus tea, especially for digestive:

1. Rich of Fiber

Hibiscus is made from herbal flower. Therefore, it is rich with fiber that will beneficial for the whole digestive system. It can provide an optimum digestive and no worry for the possibility of digestive problems. The fiber can help the digestive in natural way and has less side effects to the body.

2. Source of Vitamin

Hibiscus flower is plant with many vitamin contents. Therefore, it is the best source of vitamins, mainly vitamin A, B and C. It will benefit the immune system including to strength the intestinal health. Therefore, the digestive will receive proper source of vitamins, including nutrients and needed minerals.

3. Ease Digestive

Looking at the hibiscus tea benefit above as source of fiber and vitamins, it can help to ease the digestive system. No worry on the intestine metabolism or body metabolism in converting food into needed energy. Through a better digestive system, the body will experience a better oxidation process which can be benefit as the natural energy source.

4. Improve Bowel Movement

Another health benefits of hibiscus tea is to improve the bowel movement. Therefore, it brings easier digest at the intestinal and optimize the digest work. No worry a slower metabolism. By improving the bowel movement, the metabolism can be keep normal and even faster.

5. Weight Loss

One of the incredible benefits of hibiscus tea in digestive system is that this tea can work optimal for weight loss. This is common that some tea works as the ideal weigh loss method. Therefore, it consumes daily to get the best result on decreasing the weight. Mainly to reduce the fat and eliminate high calories from the body.

6. Absorb Nutrient

Daily consume of hibiscus tea will bring an advantage of optimum nutrient absorbent. Specially done by the intestine system of the body. Through the vitamins and minerals inside the tea, it can lead to a better absorption of nutrient from our daily consume food. Therefore, it can bring a healthier body and more cheerful spirit of the days.

7. Avoid Fat Absorption

Looking at the benefit of absorb nutrient, the tea will also capable of avoid fat absorption. As mentioned before that the tea will focus the digestive to absorb only important nutrient, therefore, it can help to avoid fat absorption which might not beneficial for the body.

8. Optimize Blood Vessel

The health benefits of hibiscus tea are also to optimize the blood vessel. If the blood circulation can be managed and optimize, the digestive system can also work better. Therefore, no worry on experiencing blood cod in digestive organs.

9. Promote Intestine

The benefits of the tea including to promote the intestine. It helps to avoid intestine ache or any problems relate to intestine diseases. It also helps to avoid bacterial infection and provide a better and healthier intestine condition.

10. Optimize Digestive Hormones

By routine consume of the tea, the digestive hormone produce by the body can be optimized. If the hormone works well, then the digestive can be improved and the body will be healthier.

11. Detoxification

Hibiscus tea benefit is also to work as the best way of detoxification process. It can eliminate toxin in our body specially inside the intestine or stomach. Furthermore, it will stimulate the body to waste the toxin out of the body.

12. Stress Release

Drinking the tea produce a stress release, which usually one of the caused in digestive problems. With happy mind, the body system can work better and away from any health problem.

13. Lower Blood Pressure

Routine consume of the tea will help to lower down the blood pressure. But it is suggested to consult with medical practitioner. Since it will relate with the health condition and might be danger if over consumed.

14. Avoid Diabetes

Health benefits of hibiscus tea also including to avoid diabetes disease. With regards to the tea capability on avoiding fat absorption and optimize weight loss, it can help to avoid sugar absorb too. Therefore, it can benefit the body to maintain the blood sugar level. Which will decrease the possibility of getting diabetic symptoms.

15. Soothe Inflammation

Another benefit when drinking hibiscus tea as a beverage is help to soothe any possibility of inflammation. Therefore, no worry when experience acne or skin diseases. The tea will help to soothe down the symptoms and bring fasten cure to the inflammation.

Hibiscus Tea Recipe

To making a hibiscus tea is not too difficult. There are several recipes that can be tried. Otherwise, try to get the most suitable recipe as per your preference. Everybody might have different taste and preference on making the tea. But for an overview, below is the common steps and methods that used to prepare the hibiscus tea.

  1. Get some dried hibiscus flower. It might difficult to find in several countries. But try to get it in the market or plantation. Choose the fresh flowers for the best taste which dried for several days.
  2. Cleanse the flower with fresh water until it ready to cook.
  3. Prepare some pot of water and heat it all. Wait for several minutes until the water is boiling and turn off the heat.
  4. Add the hibiscus flower and put some cinnamon sticks for a better flavor.
  5. Cover the kettle pot and steer for about 20-30 minutes.
  6. Strain the tea into the jug or smaller pot.
  7. Add some additional ingredients such as lime or honey for more mixture flavor.
  8. Serve the tea in the afternoon, consume it with some slice of cookies. You might also put some ice for making it as an ice tea.

Those above is the easiest way preparing hibiscus tea. But for some matters, the flower might not available in every country. If you experience these difficulties, do not worry. There are still several other ways to prepare a hibiscus tea. Below option can be choose if finding the tea ingredients is not a simple matter:

  1. Buy hibiscus tea powder. This is not a difficult thing to do. Currently there are several department stores which provide or selling hibiscus tea powder from various brand. Therefore, no worry of having no chance to get hibiscus tea benefit. This shall bring you a result in sudden. Otherwise, check for online store. It can make it easier.
  2. Get an instant hibiscus tea bag. This is also common to sell in the market. There are so many hibiscus tea bag brands that offer various type of hibiscus tea flavor. Therefore, choose as the most suitable taste for you and serve it in instant way. No more wasting time by doing extraction work, just get the tea bag and pour hot water on it. Voila…the tea is ready to serve in your favorite cup.
  3. Find hibiscus tea extract. This one is rarely happened, but some herbal store provides hibiscus tea concentrate. Therefore, try to get it in the herbal house. Then just pour the concentrate in the cup, add warm water and stir it. This can be done in a minute only!

Hibiscus Tea Side Effects

11 Amazing Hibiscus Tea Health Benefits

If the tea contains many good benefit, it doesn’t mean that the tea has no side effects. This is one of the ting that needs more attention. Since most of the people thought that a cup of tea brings no harmful. Which this thought apparently is not 100 percent correct. Like any other type of beverages, there always some side effects of it. Therefore, for your information, below are some side effects that need to be attend very well to avoid the negative effect of the tea into the body:

  1. Be careful if serving the tea into a pregnant woman. Specially in the early term of the pregnancy, say at the first up to the forth month of the pregnancy. There is no specific research on the hibiscus tea side effects. But some reports of the possibility getting miscarriage when consuming the tea in the early term of pregnancy. Therefore, it is better to consult with the caregiver, or the best is to avoid drinking this tea for several months until the pregnancy is strong enough.
  2. This tea shall be avoided by people with low blood pressure symptoms. This is due to one of the hibiscus tea benefit is to lower down the blood pressure. Therefore, it can be danger if consumed by people with low blood pressure. It can drop the blood into lower limit of pressure. Which can produce significant effect such as dizziness, vomiting or even pass out. Hence, it is recommended to consult with medical practitioner first before consuming the tea. Mainly for the people with history of low blood pressure sickness.
  3. Watch out of any signs of allergically reactions. Since the tea is made from herbal, there always a possibility to get allergic with it. Therefore, pay attention if find several symptoms such as redness and itchiness in the skin surface. Or swollen face and mouth without precise cause. Plus, might be a symptoms of breath difficulties and cough. If this all happens, it is suggested to stop consuming the tea and replace with other suitable herbal drink that will bring the same benefit as this tea.
  4. Some reports mention that there is a possibility of hallucinating side effects after consuming the tea. This is not common to happen. But for sure, do check several minutes after consume the tea. Whether it affect the conscious or not. If feeling still conscious then it means the hallucinating effects is quite small. But if it feels hallucinate, then it is recommended to stop drinking the tea and get some rest until fell conscious. Do not driving a car or doing physical work while in the middle of hallucinate feelings. That can be dangerous for your safety.

Those are above the health benefits of hibiscus tea mainly for digestive system. With frequent consume of the tea, it can help to optimize the digestive system of the body. Loosing weight is a bonus. But the most important things, no more afraid of any possibility of digestive problems with it. Through hibiscus tea benefit for the whole digestive process, it will bring a healthy tummy with happy feelings. Have a try!

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