6 Detox Water Ingredients To Help Improve Your Digestive Health

6 Detox Water Ingredients To Help Improve Your Digestive Health

Below are 6 detox water ingredients to help improve your digestive health. Simply add one of the ingredients or a combination to your water and enjoy all the wonderful health benefits. Healthy alternatives to sugary drinks, soda and juices that are loaded with artificial ingredients and refined sugars.

Staying hydrated is key for good digestion. It promotes regular bowel movements and helps flush harmful toxins out of the body. While this can be accomplished by drinking regular water, did you know that by adding a few ingredients to your H2O you can transform drinking water into detox water and up the benefits?

Detoxing helps the body to rid itself of any excess waste it’s been storing.

These 6 Detox Water Ingredients To Help Improve Your Digestive Health are great for boosting your immune system and cleaning out harmful toxins. Learn more about the wonderful health benefits of detox water. If you are also interested in a wonderful natural remedy for colds, check out my popular Detox Bath post.

Some detox water recipes include several ingredients, while others only include one. Each ingredient adds its own health benefit ranging from weight loss to boosting energy levels, detoxing the liver, detoxing the kidneys, etc.

Just pick your favorite ingredients and drink your fabulous detox water. I personally like to drink a glass of lemon water in the mornings on an empty stomach. It really gives me energy to start a busy day. After about an hour, I have breakfast and I am ready to go.

One of my favorite combinations is lemon with mint. My kids really enjoy it too. It is the perfect drink for a party or small gathering. It is refreshing, natural, healthy and satisfies anyone’s thirst.

Find below a list of my favorite 6 ingredients to make detox water recipes. It is up to you and your personal taste, but know that detox water is great for your health. It will make you feel more energized and will improve your digestion.

6 Detox Water Recipes

Lemon or Lime

6 Detox Water Ingredients To Help Improve Your Digestive Health Lemon Lime
High in Vitamin C, lemon or lime water helps create digestive enzymes. Either squeeze one lemon or lime into your water or add thin slices (as shown in the photo)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar detox water
Adding 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar to your water can remove toxins from the body, improve digestion and boost your metabolism. It can also help balance pH levels in the body.

Fresh Mint Leaves

Fresh Mint Leaves detox water
Mint leaves can improve bile flow and functions of the salivary glands. They also produce digestive enzymes which help absorb vitamins and nutrients in food. Mint leaves can also help relieve an upset stomach. Add a couple to your glass of water and enjoy.


Cucumber detox water
Cucumbers are high in fiber, which aids in digestion and healthy bowel movements. Add half of a thinly sliced cucumber to your glass of water.


Cinnamon detox water
Add one stick of cinnamon to your water to improve digestion. It can help relieve IBS by killing bacteria and healing infections in the GI tract.


ginger detox water
Known for relieving cramps, gas, bloating and indigestion. Cut fresh ginger into small pieces, add to water and let soak overnight. This will allow the water to absorb the nutrients. One ginger will be enough for a big jar.

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