6 reasons for using bamboo houseware products

One of the easy ways to protect environment is to decorate your house with eco-friendly items. The simplest product we talked about is bamboo furniture. Bamboo is a sustainable material, of natural origin. The inherent characteristics of bamboo and advances in production techniques have created high value furniture products both in performance and aesthetics.

These are 6 great reasons you should choose bamboo houseware products to decorate your house. 

  1. Safe 

This is ‘GREEN OPTION’ to ensure your health and your family health. Because bamboo grows naturally, does not use fertilizers, chemicals, … It is a completely organic product from nature.

  1. Durability

Bamboo furniture is more resistant than wood. If using well treated bamboo. – Bamboo furniture will ensure sustainability and not be termite. – Do not warp or expand due to weather changes or humidity. – In particular, bamboo furniture is scratch resistant higher than hardwood, as well as keeping color and brightness for many years. 

  1. Various designs 

Besides the inherent raw beauty. Its interior designs by bamboo also bring modern beauty. 

  1. Bamboo utensils are lighter than wooden utensils 

Bamboo utensils and furniture is lighter in weight than wooden furniture. Therefore, you can easily move and arrange location when needed. 

  1. Simple cleaning and preservation 

Although you do not need to spend a lot of time and effort to clean and preserve bamboo utensils, they also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt and maintain gloss. You can use small brushes, soft towels and mild soap to clean. Be careful when using cleaning solutions. In particular, avoid using bamboo utensils when they are wet, please wipe dry before use 

6 reasons for using bamboo houseware products handicraft basket

  1. Create green space 

Bamboo utensils and furniture not only create a simple, comfortable space, but also bring human life closer to nature. In addition, bamboo furniture can fit all spaces: wide or narrow, traditional or modern. 

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