Vietnamese conical hat – Non la traditional village

Vietnamese conical hat – Non la traditional village

Non la – conical hats are a sunshade item that is typical of Vietnamese people. The image of the conical hat has long been associated with the image of Vietnamese people, although it is not among national symbols, but just seeing the hat will immediately think of the image of Vietnam.

In the country of Vietnam, there’re village of making hats in almost area. The hats are produced with the purpose of wearing to cover the sun or rain, but in each region there are unique characteristics in the way of production, but it can be said that Hue is the center of producing Vietnamese conical hats of the whole country.

Vietnamese conical hat - Non la traditional village

The profession of making conical hat is formed and developed in Hue for hundreds of years, with many famous villages such as Da Le, Phu Cam, Doc So, Trieu Tay, Kim Long and Sia … Today, famous villages such as Tay Ho Phu Ho Commune, My Lam, Phu My Commune, Phu Vang, Phu Cam, Phuoc Vinh, Doc So, Trieu Tay, Huong So, Hue City marketed millions of hats every year, not only meeting the consumption demand of people, but also a special souvenir for international tourists when coming to Hue.

Hue conical hat, especially the poem hat (nón bài thơ), is not only a pure hat but a real work of art. In order to get the perfect hat, the artists make Hue hats through many meticulous stages, requiring the diligence and skill of the workers. From choosing frames, bending rings, roofing, cutting patterns, finishing hats and finally polishing preservation … Maybe so, Hue hats are very popular with many visitors.

Vietnamese conical hat - Non la traditional village

Tourism thrives in Hue, conical hats become souvenir items bearing the unique culture of Hue that tourists love. Many tourists have come to the conical hat villages to witness and participate in the stages of making hats. Many tourists were really surprised and excited when their name are mentioned in poems on the hats.

Conical hats are the first handicraft products granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology) for protection of geographical indications in August 2010.


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