Better life thanks to hyacinth in Mekong Delta

Better life thanks to hyacinth in Mekong Delta. Models number from water hyacinth are being replicated and developed in Vietnam, helping many people have jobs, income and stable life. Thanks to it, many poor farmers in Mekong Delta have stable income.

This is a plant that lives on water, often floating in water. Hyacinth, dried, soft, durable. With a hardworking woman or man, just after the half-month apprenticeship, many people have been delivered for processing at home.

Currently, the company has expanded its natural supply of various facilities in all provinces. According to those who have seniority over 3 years in the profession, said: “If a novice, every day can be finished knitting from 1-2 product, also longtime experience, the product will be 4-5 pcs” .

Better life thanks to hyacinth in Mekong Delta. These products made from hyacinth handicraft, foreign customers is very enjoy the softness and flexibility of them. Especially they adapt to any temperature, not crispy hot, not cold hard.

Due to the outstanding properties of this, water hyacinth had processed into various products such as storage trunks, a handbags, trays and racks, flower baskets, wine racks, place mats, laundry hamper…etc.

Better life thanks to hyacinth in Mekong Delta handicrafts

What is Water Hyacinth and how to weave from it?

Water hyacinth (The scientific name: Eichhornia crassipes) is a species of aquatic plants, herbaceous, live in the water. Dried water hyacinth fibers can be processed to use braided wire, rope and woven into mats, crafts, and furniture.

Growing water hyacinth plants is easy. Once established, they require no special care except occasional thinning to keep them from choking out everything else in the pond. Under perfect conditions, a colony of water hyacinths can double its size every 8 to 12 days. Water hyacinths need full sun and hot summer temperatures. Introduce them to the garden by scattering bunches of plants over the surface of the water. They quickly take hold and begin to grow. Thin the plants when they cover more than 60 percent of the water surface.

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