Environmentally friendly biological straws for replacing plastic straw

According to statistics, Vietnam is the 4th country in discharging plastic waste into the sea published by the United Nations Environment Program. Mainly plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic straws.

To protect the environment, limit the amount of waste discharged into the sea, there are now many establishments producing biological straws, easily decomposing in a short time and very safe for the environment. Also known as environmental protection straws.

These straws are disposable or reusable, but even though they are thrown into environment but they do not affect human life and surroundings. Let’s see what these straws are.

  1. Paper straw


This is one of the earliest types of environmental protection straws and it is currently the type of straw that many families and shops choose to use.

This type of straw is made from paper, has many colors, various designs as much as plastic straws, many different sizes. When drinking with a paper straw, there is no unpleasant odor from paper, so those who are sensitive to smell can use it.

  1. Bamboo straw


Perhaps in terms of birth, bamboo straws are certainly the oldest. You can easily see it in Japanese-style restaurants.

The strength of the bamboo straw is to re-use it many times instead of using it once and then “throw away” like other biological straws. In addition, because of the hard level of bamboo, the bamboo straw’s durability is also very good. The lifespan of the bamboo straw depends on how you store it, when the straw has signs of color, old, return it to nature.

  1. Rice flour straw

Straws made of rice flour Plant Based drinking straws

The “edible straw” is the judgment of young people who experience this type of straw. The straw is made with rice flour material when drinking in the water for about 30 to 60 minutes will make the tube tender. Now instead of throwing, you can literally “eat the straw” literally.

  1. Grass straw

Grass Straw SAFIMEX

Grass straw is a very new product and very much enjoyed by young people because it does not need to go through so many stages of production as other types and has a quite cheap price. There are two main types of grass straw: fresh grass straw and dried grass straw.

Fresh grass straw has shelf life of 10 days if be stored in refrigerator from 18-20 degree celsius while dried grass straw has much longer shelf life, up to 6 months in room temperature.

  1. Steel straw, glass straw

There are also environmental protection straws, but not biological straws. It is a glass straw, a steel straw that can be reused many times, minimizing the use of plastic straws, a material that has to go through extremely long time to decompose.

Steel Straws SAFIMEX

The strength as mentioned is that it can be reused in a very long time, especially the stainless steel straw can be used for many years until you feel that the straw is old and difficult to clean.


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