Hake Fishing Temporarily Suspended

As of today, and for 15 days, industrial trawlers will have to stop hake (Merluccius gayi peruanus) capture activities on the coast of Peru.

Hake, Merluccius gayi peruanus

The measure, set through a Ministerial Resolution of the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE), is implemented north of the 04° 00’S parallel of the Peruvian maritime domain.

The regulation stipulates that hake processing must be carried out within 48 hours of the start of the suspension, and that the commercialization may be carried out provided that there is undoubted documentation and a certain date that proves that the product has been processed before the ban date.

Area 87 of the FAO. Peruvian waters between the parallels 03 ° 30’S and 06 ° 00’S.

The temporary closure of the fishery is due to the fact that the studies carried out by the Institute of Marine Affairs of ​​Peru (IMARPE) show that the threshold values ​​of spawning will be reached in the next days in subarea A, and that is why the scientists consider it necessary to suspend the capture of the resource in order to protect the hake’s reproductive activity in said subarea.

IMARPE will control the hake status and will recommend the management measures it deems necessary.

The IMARPE will carry out monitoring and surveillance activities of the main biological, population and fishery indicators of the hake resource, and will promptly inform and recommend the fisheries management measures to the Ministry of Production.

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