How Does Gac Fruit Protect The Liver?

Lycopene is highly considered an antioxidant with 10 times as powerful as Vitamin E, which protects the liver from harmful free radicals. Nowadays, the main source of Lycopene in the world is from tomato extraction. However, Gac fruit – also called baby jackfruit or spiny bitter gourd, is a common fruit. Its Lycopene content is 70 times higher than tomatoes.

The scientific name of Gac fruit is Momordica Cochinchinensis (also known as Spiny Bitter Gourd). This fruit grows mainly in Southeast Asia.

“Fruit from Heaven”

US researchers have named Gac “Fruit from Heaven” because it is beneficial to the health. It contains a high content of antioxidant (Lycopene), anti-aging properties (Beta-Carotene), and great resistance improvement. Currently, consumers have paid attention to Gac fruit. “Gac” oil is a good food supplement for the eyes due to the great richness in Beta-Carotene – the precursor of vitamin A, which acts as an essential vitamin for the body. However, only a few people notice the other active ingredient in Gac fruits- Lycopene.

According to a number of published scientific studies, Lycopene is a very valuable active ingredient because of its powerful antioxidant properties that are 10 times as strong as vitamin E.

Gac Fruit

The active ingredient Lycopene now has become material for a wide variety of good health supplements in general and liver supplements in particular. However, up to now, the source of commercial Lycopene in the world has been mainly from tomato extraction, and that is reason “tomato” in modern Latin is called “Lycopersicum”. Why does the world’s most popular lycopene source come from tomatoes while Lycopene in Momordica Cochinchinensis fruit has been shown to be nearly 70 times as high as tomatoes’?

Gac Fruit
It is true that the Lycopene content in Momordica Cochinchinensis fruit can be extremely high, but this fruit is widely planted only in Southeast Asia. The amount of Lycopene in Tomatoes is 70 times less than that of Gac but tomatoes can grow in all regions of the world.

Gac Fruit

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Gac – a popular fruit in Southeast Asia – contains 70 times more Lycopene content than tomatoes.

The Origin of Gac Fruit

Fortunately, Vietnam is the cradle of Gac, which is beneficial to Vietnamese manufacturers in extracting and developing products from Gac to protect the health of the Vietnamese as well as export the product to the world.

As a strong antioxidant, Lycopene is capable of supporting the liver’s defense against oxidizing agents which results in liver cell damage, liver function impairment, and hepatitis. It is a precious active substance in the context of the high incidence of liver disease in Vietnam- the country ranked the 5th among the countries having the highest rate of liver cancer according to the World Health Organization statistics. The rate of liver cancer in Vietnam (including primary and progressive cancer from hepatitis, cirrhosis) is 24.6/100,000 people respectively.

“Distinctive Rookie”- “Organic Gac Oil”

In the Vietnamese market, it is not difficult to find the diversity of Gac oil products. But if you compare the content of active ingredients as well as the origin of raw Gac among these oil products, you can see the “rookie” Lyco-Prevent capsules is fairly distinctive and remarkable.

The active substances like Lycopene and Beta-Carotene included in Gac fruit are plentiful, but they are also susceptible to the oxidation and content drop by the exposure of external agents such as light, temperature, oxidant. For instance, when people use Gac fruit for steaming sticky rice, the essence of Gac has completely lost in the process of steaming – now Gac only acts as a natural food color.

How To Preserve Nutrients In Gac Fruit?

Therefore, in order to preserve the precious nutrients in Gac, it is necessary to have advanced technology which minimizes the reduction of the active ingredient content by the external agents. And of course, Lyco-Prevent can solve these problems.

Lyco-Prevent is the first product made of Lycopene through Gac extraction and meets National Organic Program of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA-NOP) and EU Organic Regulations (EC 834/2007)

With the high content of Lycopene and Beta-Carotene, Lyco-Prevent becomes the first product made entirely from PhytoGac in Vietnam as well as the world. This type of Gac oil is extracted purely from organic Gac, it meets National Organic Program of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA-NOP) and EU Organic Regulations (EC 834/2007) – the world’s highest agricultural standards in consumer safety, hereby, Lyco-Prevent really gets our money’s worth.

Gac used for the production of Lyco-Prevent is extracted from Gac by advanced technology, which preserves high content of Lycopene and Beta-carotene from raw organic Gac. The product is a new ideal way to help users remove the free radicals produced during the body’s metabolism, digestion. Besides Lyco-Prevent helps protect the liver and increase the resistance.


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