The difference between Vietnamese garlic and Chinese garlic

According to statistics on American imports, more than 80% of the garlic is sold globally by China. However, Vietnamese garlic has still maintained its stable place in the heart of the consumers. 

Garlic vietnam ly son

Differences in appearance:

* The Chinese garlic is bulkier and larger, its outer peel is yellow or white and can be easily peeled off. 

* The Vietnamese Ly Son is much smaller. Its peel is white and is difficult to peel.

* The Vietnamese Dalat garlic is smaller than Chinese one, its peel is purplish brown and is easy to peel off.

Chinese garlic is larger than Ly Son and Dalat one. (Picture: Lam Dong protective ministry for vegetation). From left to right: Chinese, Ly Son, Dalat garlic

When peeling:

* The garlic segments of the Chinese garlic open up slightly and are not completely bundled. Chinese garlic is less condensed than Ly Son or Dalat one.

* Ly Son and Dalat garlic have garlic segments that can be chopped off.

The segments of Chinese garlic are slightly loose and do not form a complete bundle. Chinese garlic is not as condensed as the Vietnamese Ly Son or Dalat one. (Picture: protective department for vegetation, Lam Dong)

From left to right: Chinese , Vietnamese Ly Son, Vietnamese Dalat garlic


Chinese garlic regularly has a rather soft taste. Dalat and Ly Son garlic have a stronger taste. This is because of the Vietnamese soil and climate conditions. 


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