The Unique Agricultural Model Of High Profit In Vietnam

Typical representatives of Gia Lai province and Tay Ninh province, namely Mr. Dao Van Thanh (Tung Blai village, Ia Dreng commune, Chu Pu district, Gia Lai province), Huynh Anh (Cau Khoi commune, Tay Ninh province) respectively. Excellence in agricultural cultivation techniques expanding production increases economic returns. At the same time, this is also a valuable lesson for other farmers to learn and apply.

In particular, Mr.Chuy used to work for a coffee company so he knew that intercropping with durians and coffee would gain high yields. He applied the method of agriculture to 1.4 heca of his coffee when intercropping 150 Thai durian trees and 80 Booth avocado trees.
According to him, the technique of growing, tending durian, avocado is quite simple, but it is necessary to pay special attention and do well prevention of fungus eating sprout, leaf eating, etc. Besides, there’s need to water and apply balanced fertilizer daily. The model of intercropping fruit trees has saved labor, bringing high income to the family.
He shared “Coffee is a shade tree, durian and Booth avocados are broad canopies, when intercropping will help each other. For example, Durian trees, not only help cover the sun but also take advantage of the amount. Water and fertilizer for the coffee, using automatic irrigation system … The initial model has a positive effect. ”
The shade of durian trees, avocado trees, his garden is always cool, good humidity, humus soil, less water than other gardens that are always green. Avocados also do not compete with coffee trees that create biodiversity, helping to reduce the number of pests and diseases. In the third year, he was able to harvest durian and avocado, the profit at the end of the year can be up to 700 million.
Tay Ninh is a hot area all year round in Vietnam. With such weather, Ms. Huynh Anh has found a way to change the traditional farming methods and successfully plant hydroponics strawberry.
After many years of living in Dalat, she noticed that strawberries are a very popular item. She bought the seeds for research and found themselves able to plant in Tay Ninh, but productivity was not high, due to not suitable with climatic conditions. Being a dynamic, eager learner, and at the same time consulted by her daughter in Norway, she began to spend time researching, looking for ways to reduce the flaws of Dalat strawberries.
Finally, she found her new way of growing in pots. Her successes are the red berries, freshness and the orders.
Mrs. Huynh Anh went to Ho Chi Minh City to buy varieties of France, Newzealand and Korea for planting. After the successful experiment, she decided to invest in expanding facilities and mass production.
“I am currently planting over 800 varieties of French, Newzealand, and South African strawberries on both pot and water hyacinth,” Anh said. If these trees are successful, she will open a strawberry farm in Duong Minh Chau.
Being the first person to plant strawberries in sun burning land (Tayninh) in recent months, her strawberry garden became a visit, shopping of many people in the province. After success from strawberry, Ms. Huynh Anh will continue to grow hydroponics tomatoes.
In overall, with the advances of agriculture by individuals, farmers in neighboring provinces and similar conditions learn and share experiences to improve agricultural productivity, profitability and quality of agricultural products. Mr. Dao Van Chuy and Ms. Huynh Anh are among the individuals who have contributed actively to sustainable agricultural development in Vietnam.

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