Top 20 Health Benefits of Fermented Ginger Beer

Commonly, ginger root is used as an ingredient of Asian and Indian cuisine. This plant belongs to Zingiberaceae family. Ginger root can be consumed as a dried spice, juice, powder, or even eaten directly, fresh. During its long history, ginger root has been used as a medical treatment to heal certain health problems of the human body. Nowadays, ginger root can be consumed as a beverage called fermented ginger root.

Ginger root has proven its benefits as an ingredient in some cuisines, but it also serves to benefit your health. If you feel cold you can make fermented ginger beer and drink it to make your body feel warm. Fermented ginger beer gives you more health benefits if you consume it regularly. Here are 20 health benefits of fermented ginger beer:

1. Better Mental Heath

Drinking fermented ginger root may promote your mental health. When you are having problems at your office you can drink a glass of ginger beer. The aroma of ginger will make you feel calm and relaxed. This beverage actually functions as aroma therapy which will change your mood. It is good idea for you to have this beverage before going to work. You feel calm and enjoy doing your work because you are in a good mood.

Better Mental Heart_ Fermented Ginger Beer

2. Boosts Your Respiratory Function

Ginger root has anti-inflammatory properties which function to repair your respiratory problems. It cleans your respiratory organs of dust, mucus, and any other respiratory interference. Moreover ginger contains antibacterial properties that can clean your respiratory system from bacteria that can make you breathless, cough and puffed.

3. Promote a Lift in Mood

As mentioned before, ginger can boost your mood. Having ginger beer in your daily routine will affect your feelings. You will not be sad again, because ginger’s odour will give you comfort. Furthermore, you can handle any project with a happy feeling. Stress and depression should decrease and change with spirit and a smile. Just drink ginger beer  and you will feel calm and get your energy back.

4. Boost Immune System

This superfood will be able to help you fight bad bacteria.  Ginger will promote your immune system. By drinking this beverage regularly your body will be able to fight infections, viruses, and bacteria. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which will help you stay healthy. However, fermented ginger beer can not prevent poisoning, but it can help you to repair your immune system.

5. Fight Infection

As previous stated, ginger root is as antibacterial which means that this beverage will help you to fight infection. Not only that, but studies show that fermented ginger beer also help the body to fight fungus. Some people use ginger extract to get rid of fungus on their skin. Ginger can kill fungus like Streptococcus pyogenes and Staphylococcus aureus. This is done by the part of ginger called gingerol which is anti-inflammatory.

6. Avoid Stress and Depression

Do you feel depressed? This is a type of mental health problem. Depression occurs when someone receives a bad shock which makes them feel really sad. This sadness usually goes on for more than two  weeks. Someone who gets depressed will often withdraw from the environment. Fermented ginger beer can be used to prevent that bad feeling as it functions as aroma therapy. But if you are already depressed you should call your therapist.

7. Prevent Diabetes

For all of you who suffer from diabetes, fermented ginger beer will help you to treat it. But, you should consider the amount of sugar in this beverage as well. The ginger component  will help you to lower your blood sugar. Moreover, ginger can cut high cholesterol, triglyceride, LDL, and blood glucose. The way that this beverage fights diabetes is by increasing insulin sensitivity and inhibiting carbohydrate metabolism as well. If you want to get the best results, it is better for you to make this ginger beer at home than buy it elsewhere.

8. Hydrates the Body

You should stay hydrated so that your daily activities run well. Lack of hydration will endanger your health, and it can lead to urinary tract infections or kidney stones. Ginger beer is made of carbonated water, which will keep you hydrated everyday. Consuming this beverage before going about your daily tasks will keep you hydrated longer than when you choose to drink coffee or tea. This beverage also helps carry necessary nutrients throughout your body. But, you still need water to keep your body healthy. Drinking water and ginger beer will boost your body to a really healthy place.

9. Helps to Detox

Toxins come into your body when you eat unhealthy food and inhale bad air. Consider the amount of anti-inflammatories in ginger beer. This beverage will help your body in the detoxification process. When you get your body clean of toxins, it will remove the risk of any kinds of disease. It functions as the body’s protections, keeping it fresh and healthy.

DETOX Fermented Ginger Beer

10. Promotes Blood Circulation

Lack of blood circulation can lead to stroke, or,-heart failure. Ginger beer will make your blood vessels relax, so that blood circulation will be smooth. Blood vessel tension increases for many reasons, by consuming fermented ginger beer can reduce it and make your blood circulate more smooth.

11. Prevents Cancer

The number of cells you have in controlled by your body. When the cells begin to grow and multiply too fast, this can cause a tumor. This tumor will grow with cancer. Luckily, if you consume fermented ginger beer regularly the anti-inflammatory agents in this beverage will prevent the growth of those cancer cells. Moreover, other research has shown that ginger beer can help you to treat cancers, such as pancreatic, breast, colon, skin and many others.

12. Relieves Pain

When your immune system gets low, it is easy to catch viruses and bacteria. You can get cough, influenza, or a sore throat. Drinking ginger beer will help you to erase the pain from headaches, migraines, or even muscle cramps. A very great beverage, isn’t it? This beverage has a great role in preventing inflammation cases and makes you feel fit everyday. But, you should always pay attention to what you eat. Avoid junk food, alcohol, and smoking, as they are a main cause of health problems.

13. Assure Cardiovascular Health

Drinking fermented ginger beer will warm your body and it will make you feel calm and relaxed. This is also due to its other task, which is to smooth blood vessels and to repair the lack of blood flow. A smooth blood vessel will lead to cardiovascular repair. Afterwards, ginger beer will help you to lower your high cholesterol levels and cut the risk of heart disease.

14. Prevent Body Inflammation

Consuming fermented ginger beer help you to reduce body inflammation. Inflammation occurs when the immune system fights something that may be harmful to the body. When the body is attacked by viruses, bacteria, or fungi your immune system will work to fight it, causing inflammation. Due to the anti-inflammatory function of ginger beer, this beverage will attack pathogens and prevent inflammation from occurring in your body, in general.

15. High Concentration of Antioxidants

Free radicals can trigger harmful diseases in your body. Unfortunately, the condition of our environment now leads us to face free radicals everywhere. This requires us tobe more active into fighting the free radicals that will attack us. One of those ways is by drinking fermented ginger beer. This beverage provides antioxidants that will get rid of free radicals and make your body stay healthy. Obviously, you should remember to only eat healthy foods and drink healthy beverage as well, to avoid free radicals.

16. Gives You Probiotics

Probiotics come through the fermentation process, from the yeast inside. The role of probiotics is to promote a healthy digestive system. They will keep you from digestive problems, such as diarrhea, constipation, and diseases related to a lack of a digestive system. With its probiotics, ginger beer helps you fight bacteria which usually attack your gut. Further, it will increase your health overall and make you smile as you go about your day.

17. Sodium Resources

Sodium is important to your body especially for maintaining your muscles and promoting enzyme operation. As an electrolyte, sodium will give you more energy. A lack of sodium will cause you to get a thyroid disorder. Sodium is also important for promoting osmoregulation of your body. But, only consuming ginger beer to fulfill your necessary sodium intake is not enough. You need to add other sources of sodium, which can be found in foods that contain salt, like bread, sandwiches, soup, and so on.

18. Contain Amino Acid

Amino acids function as a great body builder and help you to promote building blocks of protein. Amino acids is one of the important part of body immune system. Then, this component will also lead you to control your mood. Furthermore, it has serotonin which will regulate your mind to against depression and anxiety. So, you will get happier life without any kinds of mental disorder. But, consider to consult to your doctor or psychiatrist because mental disorder not only come from lack of food but also your emotion, stress, and how you face the problem in your life.

19. Treat Nausea

Fermented ginger beer can be as a natural remedy for nausea. Nausea usually occur when you are cold or still in a journey. The taste of ginger beer will make your stomach warm and it will remove nausea directly from your stomach. Having this beverage is enough to treat this disease, you don’t need to get other medicines. Pay attention to make sure your health before going to travel, if your body is not in a fit condition it will lead you to get nausea. Having fermented ginger beer may help you to cut it, but be aware of our body is the most important thing to prevent other health problem.

20. Help Morning Sickness

If you still pregnant, you may feel morning sickness every day. Consuming ginger beer may reduce the feeling of nausea. This beverage is good for pregnancy because will improve your immune system and the baby. Having this beverage everyday will make you and your baby stay healthy until the time to give birth. Pregnant women should drink this beverage to prevent headache or control her mood. Usually, a pregnant women is easy to get stress. Drinking this beverage will make pregnancy become happy process without any mood changing or depression.

If you want to make this beverage in your own home, you need to prepare all the things needed. It’s easy though it needs more time. You only need water, ginger, 1,5 cup of sugar or as like as you want, and 2 lemons. Clean the ginger and chopped then put into a glass. Pour water and sugar then close the glass for several days usually up to a week. Before consuming it you can boil it first then add 2 lemons. Drink it in the morning before going to work or after coming back again to your home.

Those health benefits of fermented ginger beer may come to you if you drink the beverage regularly. If you like it you can add lemon or even coffee to make it tastier. Drink it whenever you want, because as it is a herbal drink it will not give you negative side effect. Fermented ginger beer will lead your mood and boost your mood to make your body and mental healthier.

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