Turning water hyacinth into valuable handicrafts

Water hyacinth, which seems to be discarded or just made animal feed but through the skillful hands of humans, this is like to get soul and turning into beautiful art products that bring high economic value.

Unlike other plants, which growers have to work hard every day to grow well, it grows naturally a lot in canals, ponds or lakes with good growth and development. No one think that a tree that just float by the water can become the passion of many people. And there are many successful young people starting out from it.

The root of the water hyacinth is quite long, this is nearly 1m high, and the better the soil, the faster it grows. Normally it just takes about 3 months for a harvest season of water hyacinth.

In the past, it is usually a source of food for feeding fish, pig, buffalo or cow, or used to incubate mushroom or make manure. But nowadays, people take advantage of water hyacinth like a material for valuable handicrafts.

Fresh water hyacinth after reaching a height of about 7-8cm will be cut up and dried. This is dried from 4-5 sunny days, every 500kg of fresh raw ones will produce about 40kg of dried one.

Turning water hyacinth into valuable handicrafts handmade

It is also a favorite material to make handicrafts like bag, hat, coaster, vase, … or even for weaving furniture like table, chair, sofa, …

Handicrafts made of water hyacinth are loved so much by domestic consumer and international consumer as well due to it’s softness, durability, fashion and good adaption to all weather condition: not brittle when hot and not hard when cold. Also, they are totally safe for human health and environment.

We supply high quality handicrafts made of water hyacinth for export.

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