Vietnamese spring roll – A gastronomic specialty of Vietnam

Vietnamese spring roll or Nem (also known as Chả dò, Chả cuốn, Chả nem in Vietnamese language) is one of delicious and famous dishes of Vietnamese people. The Vietnamese spring roll is made from easily available ingredients such as: pork, vermicelli, mushroom, egg…

 Vietnamese spring roll

In general, the populations of northern Vietnam call it Nem or Nem rán. In the central regions, this dish is often called Chả or Chả cuốn. While in the south, it is called Chả giò…

Kinds of Vietnamese spring roll

In addition, the Vietnamese spring roll or Nem made with pork, crab, seafood … in the north, there is the snail spring roll although it is not widespread. In the South, there are many types of spring rolls as: Fruits spring roll, Nem for vegetarians … but based on the basic ingredients, people choose suitable spices, vegetables, fragrant herbs… to be tasty and appetizing.

Vietnamese spring roll – General recipe

Vietnamese spring roll is a very common dish in this country in shape of S letter. On the arrival of the weekend when we have free time, especially with the cool climate, nothing is more wonderful than to gather with family to enjoy a meal with Vietnamese spring roll which is surely known by all Vietnamese people. Because it is the traditional dish that consists of different ingredients to create gravity difficult to resist.

In reality, there are many different ways to prepare this dish, but it will not be easy for everyone to have yellow and crispy spring roll with the particular flavor. Furthermore the careful preparation and processing of raw materials, we must have some new ” secrets ” tricks to have the perfect Nems.

In this article, as the Vietnam tour guide who tasted many kinds of spring rolls, I will introduce you how to make this delicious dish for a nice weekend.

Ingredients to make spring roll: Due to the regional availability of different types of raw materials and also the tastes of each person, so there are many choices of materials. But in general, you need to prepare the following things to get delicious fried Vietnamese spring roll.

  • Pork: 0.5 kg for 5 persons (You can add crab meat, shrimp depending on preference).
  • Mushroom (Cat ears, fragrant mushroom …): 50gr.
  • An onion
  • 2 eggs
  • Vermicelli
  • Fresh chives, dried onions and garlic.
  • A lemon (You can replace it by vinegar).
  • Different spices like: pepper, chili, glutamate, sugar, salt, sauce or fish or fish brine sauce (Nước Mắm in Vietnamese language), oil.
  • Rice paper
  • Vegetables: carrots, bean sprouts, papaya, turnip cabbage, salad, lettuce, coriander and other fragrant herbs like: menthe, basil…
Preparation to do Vietnamese spring roll
  • Pork is well washed and well chopped.
  • Mushrooms soaked in warm water, and then cut lengthwise.
  • Vermicelli soaked in boiling water before cutting into length of about 2cm.
  • Chopped onion
  • Cut carrot like vermicelli. We can also add the bean sprouts.

You mix all the above things with 2 eggs, pepper, a little sugar, glutamate and salt in a large bowl. You wait about 15 minutes for that all things snuggle up well each other, all spices impregnate well into each other.

Wrap spring roll: You put the rice paper (rice cake) on the table … You use a spoon to take all the above mixed ingredients by putting it on the rice paper. If the paper is too crispy, you soak your fingers in a bowl of water or lemon juice to wet. (The Nem will be crispier if rice paper is wet with lemon juice). The sizes of spring roll are different depending on your taste, regions…

Fry spring roll: Oil must be well boiled before putting Nem in pan. Fire should not be strong to avoid being burnt.

To avoid to be burned … you have to turn spring roll permanently. After cooking, it must be completely yellow; the exterior part should be crisp with attractive aromas.

Sauce for spring roll:  You follow the percentage: 3 spoons of water for a spoon of Nuoc Mam or fish brine. Then you add lemon juice, sugar, minced garlic, chili, pepper. Finally you add some cut coriander…

 Vietnamese spring roll sauce

You cut carrot, turnip cabbage, papaya into small slices. You mix it with vinegar or lemon juice, a little sugar. Finally, you can put all these things in the prepared sauce. It is better to eat Nem when it’s hot with rice noodles (Of course, the Nem adapts to warm rice), vegetables (salad, lettuce, coriander, basil, mint …).

Secret things: 

To avoid cancer, do not use oil already served several times for frying spring roll. This dish is more interesting if we add pepper but if pepper is fried at high temperatures for a long time, it could create cancer elements. The populations in south of Vietnam prefer to add a little sugar.

To avoid to deform spring roll during frying, we must tighten while wrapping and do not put too much egg. It is not necessary that the fire is strong.

The secret to tasty sauce: The sauce has to be beautiful with natural colors. Red chili cut into very small pieces is added with fresh lemon juice, crushed garlic, sugar or glutamate to be served with spring roll.

Vietnamese spring roll is in the list of the 10 most delicious dishes in the World

Recently, 06.15.2015, CNN chain (United – States) announced the voting results of travelers for the 10 most favorite dishes in the world, including fried Vietnamese spring roll.

CNN commented also: For travelers loving gastronomy, the local cuisine is as important as the destination options. To honor the culinary culture in the destinations of the world and help visitors to more easily find their choice, CNN realized this survey through Facebook. The survey results show that in addition to Greece and Italy, visitors chose eight culinary havens in the world which are in Asia: Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, India and Vietnam.

Fried Vietnamese spring rolls was ranked in 10th position in the list that CNN described: ” You dip this dish having crispy outside including meat and vegetables in a sort of tasty sauce to get the full flavor ‘

CNN chain also stressed that Vietnam is a small country but the culinary culture is extremely rich and subtle. Every town and village has its own specialties. Similarly, the popular dish throughout the country, as spring roll, can also be prepared differently depending on the characteristics of each region. The cheapest and most delicious food is often fount in the traditional market, in the street and served mainly by women with experience transmitted from generation to generation.

The diversity of the Vietnam cuisine is not only shown by the multi colorful culture, but also by the creativity of the people who can make incredibly delicious dishes from completely simple ingredients. So one of the most convincing representatives is Vietnamese spring roll.

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