Dried Garlic Flakes Benefits Over Fresh Garlic Cloves

What are garlic flakes?

Creamish white garlic flakes are the dehydrated or dried form of fresh garlic. These dehydrated garlic flakes are preserved for an extended period of 1 year by removing the moisture content from the fresh garlic using the dehydration method. Garlic flakes are the primary ingredients in pickles. While soaking and merging with garlic pickles or instant foods, these dried garlic flakes unleash the garlicky flavour to boost the overall taste of the food.


How garlic flakes are made up of?

Fresh garlic is directly procured from the fields. The garlic cloves are graded, cleaned, washed, peeled and the moisture in the garlic is then eliminated by a hot air drying process carried out on a conveyor belt. Then the processed dehydrated garlic flakes are allowed to cool and colour sorting, metal detection, manual sorting is done. After testing, the garlic flakes are packaged in a 25 kgs polybag with an inner liner.

Benefits of dried garlic flakes vs fresh garlic

Procuring fresh garlic needs to undergo more processing and preservation methods, leading to more spoilage, damage. But there will be zero spoilage while preferring the garlic flakes. 

Fresh garlic has its disadvantages, including peeling, eliminating damaged cloves, and cleaning up every garlic cloves. However, when compared to fresh garlic, which takes a long time to clean, dice, cook, or combine, our dehydrated garlic flakes save time as the cleaning is done during the manufacturing process. Hence, dried garlic flakes become an easy to use alternative to fresh garlic. It, in turn, will cut down your manpower and labour costs besides reducing your procurement cost. 

Dried Garlic Flakes are more convenient to keep in stock since garlic flakes can be stored for up to one year, but fresh garlic can grow and turn bitter in months. 

The lack of extra moisture helps our garlic flakes quickly blend with various instant items. When matched to raw garlic, our dry garlic flakes will combine without clumps or lumps. On the other hand, fresh garlic’s moisture content and oxide promote bacterial growth in instant products. But, dehydration activates preservation and limits harmful development that has been latent in the garlic cloves. 

4 kilograms of fresh garlic equals one kilogram of dried garlic flakes. 

How to use dried garlic flakes?

The pickle industry prefers soaking the garlic flakes in water, draining and employing them directly into the pickles. Sometimes, dried garlic flakes act as the preserving agents in garlic pickles.

Dry garlic flakes are grounded to powder and blended with various other ingredients for making masala powders, including chicken masala, sambhar powder etc.

Ready to cook/eat/heat premix including veg biryani mix sharpen the taste of their dish using garlic powder.

Garlic powder is preferred in the pharma and nutraceutical industry for its medicinal and antifungal/antimicrobial properties.

Seasoning companies develop seasonings blended with garlic powder for popcorn, potato chips, savoury, snack, instant noodles/soups/pasta products.

How long do dried garlic flakes last?

Dried garlic flakes can stay up to 1 year from the date of manufacturing at appropriate storage conditions. 

Storage guide:

Dehydrated garlic flakes should be stored in an airtight packaging at a temperature below 20°C or in the freezer. Store the garlic flakes in a cool, dry environment or a closed warehouse away from humidity and dust.

Does garlic flakes good for health?

Dehydrated garlic flakes are processed naturally and manufactured from fresh garlic and are incredibly healthy. As a result, it will not cause allergies or harm human health. Garlic flakes have the same health and taste advantages as fresh raw garlic. They also stay longer with the same bright colour and are generally less expensive than fresh garlic. 

Substitute of fresh garlic:

Dried garlic minced, dried garlic granules, dried garlic chopped, toasted dried garlic, fried dried garlic, roasted (oil) dried garlic, dried garlic flakes, and garlic powder are the substitutes for fresh garlic. 

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