Hoi An lantern: Showing a long-standing tradition and cultural beauty

Tourists in Hoi An often take many pictures of the colorful Hoi An lanterns, which are a unique cultural feature of the ancient town. The many shimmering lanterns hung along the old streets will create wonderful photo backgrounds for you to capture every memorable moment.

1. The origin of Hoi An lantern and the lantern-making tradition

Several hundred years ago, Hoi An was a famous trading port where Chinese and Japanese merchants often came to exchange goods. Hoi An lantern is believed to have been brought here by the Chinese merchants. However, some locals think that the lantern was actually made by Hoi An’s ancient artisans. Until now, the question of the origin of Hoi An lantern still has no exact answer.

Over the years, the locals have constantly improved and creatively made the lanterns more diverse in designs and materials. The method of making lanterns has also been improved, so that they can appear in not only traditional spaces, such as in festivals or pagodas, but also in more modern places such as hotels and parks.

The main materials for making Hoi An lanterns are bamboo and silk. The bamboo used to make the lantern frame is old bamboo soaked in salt water to prevent termites. The bamboo is then dried and thinned to match the size of the lantern.

Silk is chosen because it is tough enough to not be torn when stretched on the lantern frame. Hoi An people like to use Ha Dong silk to wrap lanterns. Silk makes the light of Hoi An silk lantern even more magical and vivid.

2. The cultural significance of Hoi An lanterns

Visitors can find hundreds of lanterns in Hoi An with various colors and patterns. It can be lucky red, cheerful yellow, beautiful brocade, or sweet blue. When the lanterns are lit, the patterns of white clouds, blue sky, or sea waves will shine on the whole street.

There are even centuries-old lanterns that are passed down in families from generation to generation. They are only displayed on the night of Hoi An lantern festival. These lanterns were made from precious wood and intricately carved.

Hence, if you have the opportunity, travel to Hoi An on the occasion of the lantern festival. At this time, admiring the ancient lanterns shining bright through the street in the festive atmosphere will be an unforgettable experience. And don’t forget to take photos with these lanterns in the background.

3. The top places to take great photos with Hoi An lanterns

Walking around Hoi An Ancient Town, visitors will see a great number of places decorated with Hoi An lanterns, where visitors will be able to take countless impressive photos:

3.1. Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town is a famous tourist destination of Quang Nam province, an old town that has been kept almost intact with more than 1,000 architectural monuments, such as streets, communal houses, pagodas, temples, wells. A visit to Hoi An city of lanterns will surely captivate visitors with its timeless beauty and idyllic vibe.

3.2. Japanese Bridge Hoi An

Japanese Bridge Hoi An is a well-known attraction in Hoi An. It is located in the heart of the ancient town, crossing over the enchanting Hoai River. The bridge is a stunning historical work that combines the architecture and culture of Vietnam and Japan. It is often likened to a bridge connecting the past, present, and future of the ancient town.

3.3. VinWonders Nam Hoi An

VinWonders Nam Hoi An is a magnificent amusement park featuring the contrasting cultural features of the East and West. This is where Vietnam’s historical, aesthetic, and traditional values are preserved and developed, along with many exciting entertainment activities from all five continents of the world.

4. When does Hoi An lantern festival take place?

The lantern festival in Hoi An Ancient Town is an event that aims to preserve the beauty of the indigenous culture. On this occasion, at some tourist sites in Hoi An, you can participate in the activity of releasing lanterns on Hoai River. The lanterns represent the people’s wishes for luck and happiness in life.

To immerse in the beauty and vibrant atmosphere of Hoi An Vietnam lantern festival, visitors can come here on the 14th day of every lunar month and especially on the full moon night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. During the festival, all houses and shops have their lights turned off. Instead, they will hang lanterns, creating a shimmering space all over the town.

Besides contemplating the lanterns, there are so many other fantastic things to do in Hoi An, such as immersing yourself in fresh and cool water at An Bang Beach, enjoying street food at Hoi An Night Market, exploring the architecture of Cantonese Assembly Hall, experiencing the rustic life at Tra Que Vegetable Village, etc.

Hoi An lanterns are a traditional beauty of Hoi An in particular and also a highlight of Vietnamese culture in general. In the shimmering light of the colorful lanterns, Hoi An becomes even more beautiful than ever. If you have the opportunity to visit Vietnam, don’t forget to visit Hoi An and take countless beautiful photos on Hoi An lantern streets.

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