How To Reheat Rice Noodles? An Instruction With Storage Methods

Reheating rice noodles or any other leftovers constitutes the simplest kitchen task in the world. That said, not everyone knows how to reheat rice noodles properly.

A well-done process should keep the dish with the same original deliciousness. Many home chefs have ideas of how to fix undercooked rice noodles. But there is truly no way for the overdone one.

Moreover, storage holds the key to deciding your food reheating quality. It is necessary to prevent the dish from going off before you warm it up. Undoubtedly, moldy food is never healthy to eat at all.

Regardless of the problem, let’s learn about rice noodles first. A better understanding can help to find out the most suitable solutions.

About Rice Noodles

Rice noodle is one of the most typical “pasta” in Asian cuisine. The Chinese tried this recipe for the first time around 2000 years ago. Over the years, it has become a common choice for meals, mostly in Asia.

People in these countries often use it in soups, stir-fries, dim sum, thickened curry sauce, etc.


Main food ingredients to make the “Asian pasta” include water and rice flour. It comes in the shape of a thin and long strip without flavor.

Due to being tasteless, the food preparation should go with sauces or broths to boost deliciousness.


“Asian pasta” is moderately rich in carbs and protein. On the other hand, it gets a relatively low fiber and fat level. The following is the nutrition in one cup of this food.

  • 190 calories
  • 3.2g protein
  • 0.4g fat
  • 42.2g carbs
  • 1.8g fiber

It is surely an ideal option for your low-calorie diet. In particular, calories can decrease more effectively if you choose veggie dishes with this ingredient.

How To Reheat Rice Noodles?

Using a microwave, a pan, an oven, or a wok with boiling water is all possible to warm up the cooked “Asian pasta”. The first two options come as time-saving solutions.

By contrast, the oven helps to maintain the deliciousness at best. And the last one is truly the best idea to try.

So, which one will be good for your requirements? 


For busy people, using a microwave oven is likely the best option for how to reheat vermicelli noodles. It takes a few minutes only to get the process done effortlessly.


  • A microwave oven
  • A bowl or container that is safe in the microwave
  • Water
  • A wet cloth

How To Do

  1. Place the bowl or container with leftover food into the microwave.
  2. Sprinkle some water onto the top of the bowl so that the food will not dry out.
  3. Cover the bowl with a wet cloth to keep the food soft with enough moisture.
  4. Set the microwave at medium heat for 30 seconds.
  5. Take the bowl out, mix the food, and microwave it for 30 seconds.
  6. Serve the dish hot with your favorite toppings and enjoy it.


Another way of how to reheat rice noodles is to use a pan. This second suggestion can work if there are no kitchen appliances like microwaves.

Also, we view it as a quick method that takes about 10 minutes only. This amount of time could be higher with more leftovers needed to reheat.


  • A non-stick pan
  • Cooking oil
  • Water

How To Do

  1. Place the plan on the stove at medium heat.
  2. Let the cookware heat up for 2 minutes, and then spray some cooking oil.
  3. Add the food into the pan and toss it evenly with the well-mixed ingredients.
  4. Add some water to maintain the moisture of the food.
  5. Wait for the liquid to evaporate and leave the noodles with a well-cooked softness.
  6. Turn off the stove and serve the dish.


The oven probably outperforms its counterparts compared to a microwave and a pan.

Applying this enables you to warm up the leftover like its original taste and texture. Besides, we suggest using additional ingredients like oyster sauce or its substitutes.


  • An oven
  • An oven-safe container
  • Sauces
  • Aluminum foil

How To Do

  1. Add the leftovers into the container with some sauces (if too dry).
  2. Preheat the oven at 350°F for 2 minutes.
  3. Cover the food container with aluminum foil
  4. In the meantime, cover the oven-safe dish with some aluminum foil.
  5. Place the food into the oven and bake it for 20 minutes. The time setting depends on the amount of food. Check and mix all ingredients after 10 minutes of baking.
  6.  Take the dish out from the oven and serve it hot.


If the leftovers do not go with any additives or sauces, our high recommendation is completely for boiling water. It seems to be the easiest one to go among all possible methods.

That said, this way can destroy the tasty flavor of the dish with seasoning. It is such an important point to consider.


  • A wok
  • Water
  • A food strainer

How To Do

  1. Boil water in the wok till it starts piping hot.
  2. Add noodles into the wok and let them keep boiling for 15-20 seconds.
  3. Use a food strainer to take noodles out.
  4. Soak the food into cold water so that they will not stick together.
  5. Serve it and enjoy

How Long Can Rice Noodles Stay Good?

Without proper storage, can rice noodles go bad? The answer, undoubtedly, is YES. Besides, various methods of storing can ensure different specific time ranges for the food shelf life.


Before discussing the cooked food, let’s get started with the fresh products first.

So, how long do fresh rice noodles last?

It is always best to enjoy as soon as the cook makes them. The longer you ignore the food, the worse its taste will be. Additionally, eating the long-stored dish will not be good for your health.

At room temperature, they can last around four hours. In a room with high humidity, this amount of time could decrease. On the other hand, the time can level up to three days and two months in the fridge and freezer, respectively.

How long do rice noodles last after the cooking process? 

The cooked one can stay edible for 4-5 hours at room temperature, like in the fresh state. In the fridge, its lifespan will be around two days. And we suggest storing it in the freezer if you want to keep the food for about two months.


As for the packaged products, do dry rice noodles go bad

Yes, they do if you store them improperly.

By contrast, an opened package with good storage normally can stay at the best quality from 6 months to 3 years. The time range offered by different brands will not hit the same.

Not only that, the well-stored products are still safely edible after the expiration. But they can no longer bring the tastiest flavor then.

How To Store Rice Noodles?

No one wants to see any bacterial growth, discoloration, or foul odor with the food. That is why we need to learn how to store fresh rice noodles, cooked and dried ones well.


It will be fine to keep the dried products at room temperature. You only need to tie up the bag’s top for the unpackaged ones. Or you can also keep them in a tall jar with a lid. It is important to make sure air cannot get in; otherwise, bacteria can grow inside.


Next, how to store cooked rice noodles? Three common methods can also work for fresh food. But first, it would be better to look at several notes.

  • Wash our “Asian pasta” under cool water and add some oil. This step helps to avoid sticking once freezing.
  • Keep noodles and broth separately before making them the frozen food.

And the following will be three methods in detail.

Method 1: Using Freezer Bag 

You keep the leftovers in a Ziploc bag or a sealed container. Then, it is time to place them in the freezer for no longer than two months.

Method 2: Using Air Tight Container 

Another method of how to store rice noodles relates to the air-tight container in a fridge. However, refrigerated rice noodles can last up to 1 month only.

Method 3: Using Plastic Wrapped 

Besides the two ways of freezing rice noodles above, you can use plastic wrap. After spreading the food onto the wrap, firmly fold the plastic edges together. Next, leave the food in the refrigerator overnight and place it in the freezer.


It is about how to reheat rice noodles and some storage tips. Despite warming up the leftovers, you should always enjoy the food as soon as you make it. In other words, the old cooked dish cannot fully offer the nutritional value for your diet then.

There are many other things to enjoy about reheating food. So, stay tuned and wait for us with the upcoming posts.

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