Is dried Longan good for your health?

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Longans, also called “dragon’s eye” (because of a white eye shaped mark on the pit that looks like the pupil of a large eye) are smaller and softer than lychee fruits. They are light brown in color and are referred to as the small brothers of lychee fruits. Longans, whose scientific name is Dimocarpus longan, originate in China and later spread across the world. They are now widely cultivated in Thailand, India and in many other countries of Asia. Longans are easily accessible in the summer season and can be consumed either as a dried fruit or raw. Longans have light brown and weak skin. They have colorless and sensitive white flesh, which has a musky grape-like flavor, fencing a tiny black seed.

Where can you buy it fresh?

In addition to its native country, you will see its evergreen tree grown in Thailand, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. It does need an alter of seasons but without frost, which eliminates the fully tropical climates. However to grow a longan tree in the Philippines – which is just a few hundred miles south of Taiwan – doesn’t work. The constant warmth and deficiency of sharp seasons result in the tree not bearing fruits. While you’re unlikely to find its tree for sale in Switzerland at various nurseries, some areas in the USA such as Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties can work great for growing it. Though it doesn’t grasp SoCal’s hot summers very well, which will be an issue outside of the coastal communities. No one is growing longan commercially in Europe.

Health benefits

  • Longan does prodigy to nerve issues and is highly recommended as an anti-depressant. It gives a moderate effect to the nerves and is proven to magnify the nerve function, lower irritability and reduce fatigue. Longans treat insomnia and neurasthenic neurosis and also are capable to deal with the neurasthenic and sleeping disorder.
  • Longans enhance blood circulation and increase the iron assimilation in the human body. This, in turn, intercepts the occurrence of anemia.
  • It is a great energy enhancer and is an outstanding Qi tonic, which raises long term energy. Being a Qi tonic, it aids to lapse of memory, alleviate sleeplessness and also anxiousness, which is the result of blood and Qi deficiency.
  • This benefits the heart condition by reducing stress and fatigue. It effectively refreshes spleen and heart conditions, rejuvenates blood circulation and provides a soothing effect on the nervous system. It also averts the risk of cardiac arrest and strokes.
  • Longan is good for your skin as well. They have anti-aging properties and are used to improve skin health.  This fruit is mainly beneficial for the delicate skin near the eyes, lowering peeling and cracking of the skin and improves the skin tone.

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