I’m gonna make candles today and they’re gonna be in a coconut shell.

Are coconut shells good for candles?

Sure why not. In Asian countries they use them as bowls. Its really nice to eat fruit salad or ice cream in a coconut shell and its 100% natural.

What are coconut candles good for?

They have lot of benefits

  • Its 100% natural and environment friendly
  • we use natural soy wax and cinnamon essential oils..
  • Better scent and long lasting
  • Clean burning and no smoke

Are coconut bowl candles safe?

Coconut bowl candles are the safest candles. they are very eco-friendly and made from natural ingredients.. It burn cleaner emits no smoke and is soot-free.

How do you seal a coconut shell for candles?

i’m going to be using soy box, Ceylon cinnamon bark essential oil and they’re going to be no waste. So you just buy the coconut eat the inside and get the shell. Then you need to clean out the fiber part in outer shell.. Then get a sand paper and sand inner and outer surface of the coconut shell.. This will remove all the fibers and give you a nice clean shell

Is soy wax better than paraffin?

Yes. Soy wax can burn slower than paraffin wax, o it will burn more time than paraffin. soy wax burns clean and doesn’t emit black soot when burning

How do you make coconut shell candle?

First of all you need the coconut obviously.

  • Wicks
  • Soy wax
  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • Thermometer
  • 2 Bowls and a cooker

Soy wax smells so good. But you can use whatever wax you like even maybe coconut wax.

Make a water bath

First of all you’ll need a big pot because we have to melt the wax in something .We can make a water bath. so you need to fill this up with water and then put your bowl in it then we have to measure how much wax we need since the dry wax takes more space than the melted blocks. you need to double the size of your container.

Measured the wax ( like 50g )& put it in a bowl and we have to glue the wicks to the coconut shell. It’s always better to use double wick so that the candle doesn’t burn too fast. Then glue it to the bottom now

Add essential oil

Then you need to put it on like medium warmth because it has to melt everywhere. but we need to wait a little bit in order to put the essential oils in we need to wait for it to get to 60 degrees celsius. That’s because if you put it in a higher temperature you’re not gonna get that much smell. But be careful because you can’t wait too long. If you wait too long it’s gonna harden. So just check out your wax hardening temperature mine is 35 to 40 degrees but it can vary.

When it became 55 Celsius put it like 1 tea spoon of cinnamon essential oil and mix

Then pour the mixture to the coconut shell wait like 1 hour to harden the mixture..

Thats it! I think they turned out super cute actually and i just love how sustainable these are.

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