Quang Noodle – A Very Good Specialty To Slurp

Culinary tourists coming from all corners of the world together agree that knowing all Vietnamese noodles is a time-consuming yet very helpful pastime. Particularly, Vietnam gives them Pho as a culinary symbol of Hanoi, beef rice noodles as an indication of Hue, and Quang Noodles (Mì Quảng) is surely a so good specialty of Quang Nam. As its name has clearly stated, Quang Noodles are originally made from skill and wisdom of Quang Nam people, who have successfully characterized their own specialty.

What Makes Quang Noodles Outstanding among the Sea of Noodle Choices?

It’s evident that Quang noodle soups are dissimilar to almost any normal noodle choices. So, what is the difference exactly? The answer is that Quang soups include just enough broth to barely extend over the white noodles, whereas other Vietnamese noodle soups seem to have the broth completely covered the noodles. Remember the key “enough” when you slurp the broth of Quang noodle! In most cases, if the gourmets don’t eat a bowl of Quang noodle quickly enough, the broth will soon be soaked by the noodles. Quite interesting, right?

In regards to its cooking components, the broth of Quang noodle soups is based on pork and dried shrimp. But, note that some families may use chicken and duck in their regional recipes to personalize the taste of their broth. In the whole set of Quang specialty, the most important element is the broth. The richer the broth is, the more unique the Quang noodle soup is accordingly. In fact, it’s probable to make the broth with pork, chicken, crab, fish, or shrimp. And if chicken is selected, the meat will be separated and stir-fried while its bones are stewed. The cooked chicken meat is then added to the finished set. The addition of crushed peanut toppings on the surface makes the taste more engaging. Once again, broth is the core mystery of this noodle option. In Vietnamese, the phrase “nuot sot mi quang” (or Quang noodle sauce) has become a big pride of Quang people, which is uniquely sweet and little spicy.

Here is the procedure of cooking Quang noodle! The whole dish’s ingredients are noodle, vegetables, and meat. Once being soaked in water, the rice is set on a decent powder to create the impressive smooth white noodles. The combined vegetables should be the fine water, cress, herbs, and young banana flowers. In order to increase the taste of Quang specialty, Quang Nam Province offers the renowned Tra Que savory and also crunchy rice paper cake.

As Quang Nam Province is a house of Quang noodle specialty, there are of course many restaurants offering the shrimp noodle. Along with that, Da Nang City is another destination to savor the Quang chicken noodle, and Ho Chi Minh City has a wide range of Quang noodle’s variations in many corners. Therefore, please order this specialty at any time you see “Quang noodle” signboard during your culinary tours. The delicious specialty definitely pleases your palate; so believe in our words, you will soon fall in love with the Quang noodle in the first time you relish it!

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