Star Fruit

Star fruit is a uniquely-shaped tropical fruit that has numerous health benefits and culinary uses. This fruit has a translucent, yellowish colored skin. The flesh inside of the waxy skin has a surprising, refreshing crispness to it. This juicy fruit can be eaten in its entirety, just as you would eat a grape. You’re in for an amazing flavor-filled experience when you bite into a star fruit.

Your taste buds will be treated to tart and tangy sensations. The flavor of star fruit is an exotic blend of pineapple, plums and lemon. You’ll probably want to buy dried star fruit wholesale once you discover its unique flavor and many health benefits.

Health Benefits of Star Fruit

Don’t let the cuteness of the star fruit lead you to think it’s just a novelty snack. This fruit has many health benefits that earn it a top spot on your healthy food list. Star fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is attributed with supporting the immune system and for aiding in the formation of collagen in bones, cartilage and muscles. The Vitamin C in star fruit assists in the absorption of iron which can help prevent anemia. Star fruit is a good source of potassium. Potassium helps improve blood circulation. The antioxidants and flavonoids found in star fruit assist in protecting against inflammation. Star fruit is beneficial to colon health and can help reduce sleep disorders and lessen the occurrence of insomnia.

Not only can adding star fruit to your diet make you feel good by keeping you healthy, it can also help you look good. It can be a valuable part of an anti-aging regimen. That same vitamin C benefit regarding flushing toxins and free radicals from the body applies to your skin. The removal of those toxins gives your skin a healthy, youthful appearance. Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the risk of numerous health conditions. It can also make you feel more confident with your physical appearance. Star fruit is 92% water. That fact, combined with the low calorie, low fat and high fiber qualities of this fruit make it an excellent snack option for a weight loss plan.

Star Fruit Aids in Digestive Health

Your body needs soluble fiber in order for the digestive system to function properly. Soluble fiber promotes the growth of good bacteria which assist with digestion. It also helps soften stools which contribute to the health of your the gastrointestinal tract. Star fruit is a good source of soluble fiber. One cup of raw star fruit contains 15% of the recommended daily percentage of fiber your body needs, not only to improve digestive health but to help prevent various gastrointestinal disorders. Without strong digestive health, your body may not properly absorb beneficial nutrients.

Star Fruit Can Be Beneficial in Regulating Blood Pressure

In addition to helping support digestive health, the fiber in star fruit also helps support cardiovascular health. Star fruit is a cholesterol-free food. It is a good source of potassium. Potassium is a mineral that plays a significant role in maintaining a proper blood pressure by helping the blood vessels relax. Star fruit is also a good source of magnesium. One role that magnesium plays is that it regulates muscle function, including the contraction and expansion of the heart muscles. A regular heartbeat results in proper blood flow which is essential in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Star Fruit Can Boosts Immune System

When you find dried star fruit for sale, stock up so that your immune system has an ally. When your immune system is functioning at optimum level, you can ward off small annoyances such as the common cold. You are also better able to resist a variety of more serious infectious diseases. Water-soluble antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, play a significant role in eliminating cancer-causing free radicals. A one cup serving of raw star fruit contains an astounding 76 % of the daily recommended percentage of vitamin C. Your body needs vitamin C in order to support immune health. However, vitamin C is not stored in the body. In order to maintain excellent immune health, you need to consume foods such as star fruit, that are rich in vitamin C on a daily basis.

Star Fruit Fun Facts

In addition to the many health benefits of star fruit, there is another benefit that you may find important. It is believed that star fruit is an excellent remedy for a hangover. In addition to that, the following fun facts give you an indication of why the star fruit is such a unique treat.

  • The star fruit comes from an evergreen tree called a Carambola.
  • It grows in tropical areas.
  • The tree blooms throughout the year and is pollinated by bees.
  • The Carambola is a perennial plant that can live up to 40 years.
  • It’s star shape is the surprise you find inside once you slice the fruit.


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