Water Hyacinth: Natural, Diverse, Beautiful

Discover the plant that does good

At Decorasian, you can get sustainable, hand-woven Asian table decorations, decorations and storage made from water hyacinth, among other things. Here we answer the questions that our customers keep asking us about our water hyacinth products.

Where does water hyacinth come from?

The water hyacinth originates from South and Central America and is now particularly at home in calmer waters in Asia. Its leaves are rich green and glossy. The flowers are light purple to light blue and delicately fragrant. Botanically, the genus water hyacinth belongs to the water hyacinth family.

What can you make from water hyacinth?

You are probably familiar with rattan baskets or wicker baskets. The wickerwork made from twigs or lignified liana shoots is hard and strong. The stems of water hyacinth, on the other hand, are rather supple. They are easier to shape and can also be woven into small, delicate baskets, containers and decorative objects. At Decorasien you can get sustainable products made of water hyacinth for storage and decoration.

Buy products made of water hyacinth

  • Cachepots and planters
  • Flat bowls, heart-shaped bowls
  • Fruit baskets, bread baskets, bread roll baskets
  • Baskets for storing clothes, toys etc.
  • Baskets with and without lids
  • Trays and placemats

What are the advantages of products made of water hyacinth?

The water hyacinth likes it warm, but is otherwise quite undemanding. This is why the water hyacinth proliferates so much in its Asian countries of origin that the plant becomes a nuisance to people and the environment. Due to its rapid and strong spread, water hyacinth hinders the growth of other plants, which disturbs biodiversity and the natural balance. It deprives water bodies of oxygen and does not allow light to penetrate downwards, which pushes back fish and underwater plants. Navigation is also affected by the vigorous and fast-growing plant.

The advantages of products made from water hyacinth

  • Water hyacinth proliferates wildly, without extensive maintenance or pesticides.
  • The reduction of water hyacinth benefits biodiversity
  • Harvesting and processing of water hyacinth creates jobs
  • Regular income feeds families and promotes school attendance for children

How do I care for the water hyacinth?

As long as the water hyacinth grows outside in nature, it loves water. Once the water hyacinth trays, baskets, bowls and decorations are with you, you should protect them from too much moisture. Of course, you can wipe the bread basket or the fruit basket with a damp cloth, for example. Then the basket should be allowed to air dry.

However, if you use a basket made of water hyacinth as a planter, for example, then the bottom of the basket must not be constantly damp or even wet. Otherwise the water hyacinth wickerwork will become mouldy or mildewed. Use water hyacinth baskets and decorations indoors only, if possible. Under no circumstances should water hyacinth products be exposed to the weather for long periods of time.

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