What are the effects of drinking dried bitter melon?

Bitter melon is not only delicious, but also has many health benefits. In addition to cooking soup, stir-frying or boiling, you can also turn dried bitter melon into tea. The following article will share with you about the topic: what are the effects of drinking dried bitter melon? Hope to bring you more safe health care and protection options.

7 amazing benefits from drinking dried bitter melon tea

dried bitter melon tea

  1. Bitter melon aids in the treatment of diabetes:

For people with diabetes, bitter melon, especially forest bitter melon, is considered as a “miracle” to support hypoglycemia very well. Not difficult to see in the diabetes supplements, bitter melon is always on the list of main ingredients.

Eating bitter melon or drinking bitter melon tea with the correct dose, patients can be assured of their blood sugar level.

  1. Drinking dried bitter melon tea helps to beautify the skin:

Dried bitter melon contains substances that promote wound healing, and rapid skin regeneration. Regularly drinking tea made from this food, you will maintain a youthful, smooth skin, full of vitality, free from acne and “disturbing” freckles.

  1. Drink dried bitter melon tea to help promote digestion:

People with stomach diseases – intestinal such as hemorrhoids, constipation … can drink bitter melon tea to treat. Although overusing of bitter melon can have negative effects on the stomach, if used in a moderate dose, the drink will bring many effects to the digestive tract, stimulating the appetite.

dried bitter melon1

  1. Bitter melon tea helps Lower blood fat, blood pressure:

Besides the effect of lowering and stabilizing blood sugar, bitter melon also helps to lower blood fat, lower blood pressure to a safe level. Patients with fatty liver, blood fat … can drink 1-2 cups of tea a day to limit the disease.

Many people wonder “what is the use of drinking dried bitter melon?” then the main answer is to help prevent and support the treatment of “3 high”: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar.

  1. Cancer prevention and support:

According to scientific studies in the world, in bitter melon contains protein and vitamin C, which help improve the body’s immune system. These cells will contribute to the destruction of cancer cells. Not only that, bitter melon also contains a very special protein, which helps in effective treatment of leukemia and pancreatic tumors.

  1. Anti-radiation:

Every day drink 1 cup of dried bitter melon tea with boiling water, can help you resist the radiation – A dangerous ray of light in the sun. Office workers should pay attention to supplementing bitter melon tea to keep the best health.

  1. Dried bitter melon helps to clear heat to detoxify:

With the rich content of vitamin C, bitter melon tea can help the body – the spirit of the drinker become more relaxed and comfortable.

This is a special tea, has heat-detoxifying effect, detoxifies the body, protects the liver and spleen, is very good for use as a beverage for the body. On hot days, drinking a cup of cooling bitter melon tea is the best option.

The daily use of bitter melon is very good for both health and beauty. However, it should be noted that dried bitter melon tea should not be used as a substitute for drinking water, every day should only drink 1-2 cups of bitter melon tea. Or should not eat more than 2 bitter melon fruit a day.