26 Bamboo Fencing Ideas for Garden, Patio or Balcony

A bamboo screen can transform your garden, patio or balcony into a cozy and exotic paradise. With these 26 bamboo fencing ideas we’ll gladly show you some beautiful examples and possibilities.

garden bamboo fencing safimex

Bamboo fencing rolls are most suitable for covering an existing wall, wooden fence or mesh panel. Bamboo screens on the other hand are best used as freestanding fence panels or partitions to create more privacy between two bamboo fencing safimex cover

To give this concrete fence a more decorative and natural appearance, the customer has chosen to fill the wall recesses with individual bamboo sticks. As shown in the example above, combining bamboo with other materials often results in a very unique and modern look. A special transparent sealer was applied to the bamboo to prevent the fence from weathering and to maximize its durability.

This garden uses black bamboo fencing rolls and large diameter bamboo poles. The fencing rolls are secured against a wall and finished with a zinc eave at the top to maximize the durability of the bamboo fence. Even the bamboo poles are covered at the top ends to avoid water and debris inside the bamboo.

Bamboo fencing rolls

The use of bamboo on balconies is getting very popular because they provide instant privacy at an affordable price. Bamboo fencing rolls of 1m high by 2.5m wide are perfect for making bamboo balcony screens and are easy to attach with wire ties. 

This patio featured an ugly concrete wall. By covering the wall with bamboo fencing rolls it transformed into a sunny and tropical sitting area. Because all bamboo sticks in fencing rolls are connected with galvanized steel wire, they are very quick and easy to install.

garden bamboo fencing rolls safimex

What used to be a regular transparent chain link fence is now a beautiful black bamboo screen with little see-through. One of the advantages of bamboo fencing rolls is that you can easily place them in a variety of angles or shapes. With tie wraps you can easily attach bamboo rolls to mesh panels.

This huge bamboo picture frame invites you to dream about your next vacation. The frame sits on a split bamboo fence and is made from large diameter Chinese bamboo poles. The corners of the bamboo picture frame are finished with manila rope.

bamboo poles Safimex

Rather have something different than an standard wooden fence? Then rolled bamboo fencing is an excellent solution to convert your wood fence into a small tropical paradise.

Black bamboo fence panels from Indonesia are great for making a robust and impressive privacy screen in the garden. In this example, the owner shortened a few of the standard bamboo poles in the panel to create a playful effect. To avoid weathering, bamboo protector was applied to this bamboo garden screen.

Black bamboo fence panels safimex

Outdoor bamboo fence panels have minimal see-through and provide the most privacy for a garden. They are easy to attach to each other with wooden fence posts and specially developed stainless steel clamps. These Indonesian bamboo fences are available in panels of 120, 180 and 200 cm height.

Black bamboo fence panels Safimex garden

The combination of concrete, metal and bamboo is very successful in this low bamboo screening. The grey color contrast beautifully with the dark bamboo screens, and the zinc cover on top of the bamboo will extend the lifespan of the fence. From experience we have learned that bamboo fences last much longer if the top and bottom part is protected from direct contact with rain or moisture.

For a Japanese fish pond with koi carp, bamboo fencing is a must. The tranquility and natural atmosphere that exudes from bamboo is undeniably linked to the Far East.

Rolled bamboo fencing garden

Bamboo fence panels have the advantage that they can be installed as freestanding screens. Internal bamboo sticks ensure the stability of the garden fence.

Rolled bamboo fencing is cheap but certainly not less beautiful. Attached to a wire fence and finished with a few colorful banners you can create unique and modern bamboo privacy screens.

Black bamboo screens are made from naturally black (dark brown) bamboo sticks. Since the poles are not painted one might be darker than the other. These color differences, however, give a very natural look to your garden, patio or balcony. Also notice the space at the bottom of the bamboo fencing. Avoiding direct contact with the ground will prevent the bamboo canes from absorbing moisture and consequential rotting.

This bamboo balcony screen is tightly secured to the railing. The low fence provides enough privacy without giving the feeling of being completely enclosed. Going by the bottle of champagne, the customer seems to be quite happy with the result as well.

Our Linjosa bamboo fence panels are very popular because they have a unique oriental look. When creating city gardens with different types of flowers and plants, gardeners and landscapers often choose for these Indonesian bamboo garden screens in their designs.

This fence consists out of bamboo fence rolls finished with half round bamboo poles. The split bamboo poles are used to cover up existing wooden fence posts.

A sturdy black bamboo garden fence is already an eye-catcher, but include some nice outdoor light fixtures to the fence and you’ll end up with a truly spectacular bamboo screen, even at night.

bamboo pergola must almost automatically be accompanied by bamboo fencing, but in this example even the planter is covered with bamboo edging rolls

This koi pond looks amazing day and night as the illuminated black bamboo screen provide a typical oriental atmosphere that perfectly suits this setting.

In some cases, bamboo fencing doesn’t have to be tall. If you live next to a river or forest for example then a low bamboo privacy screen might be preferable in order to keep enjoying the view.

A cozy sitting area with black bamboo fence panels in the background.

Bamboo in direct contact with the ground will rot quickly. A wooden frame is therefore an excellent solution to increase the durability and longevity of bamboo. The above example shows our Trendline bamboo screening in combination with a dark stained wooden frame.

Rolled bamboo fencing garden safimex

A bamboo fence doesn’t always consists out of fixed panels or rolls. Even with individual bamboo poles you can create a partition. However, apply bitumen paint (black tar) to the bamboo when you choose to dig bamboo poles in the ground. This will prevent deterioration.

The possibilities with bamboo are endless, especially in combination with other building materials. This Japanese garden with wood-bamboo fence counts as a great example.

Need to cover a patio wall in a quick and easy manner? Then this affordable split bamboo fencing roll is your best choice. Split bamboo rolls are very lightweight and packaged in convenient bags with handles. They can be secured to a wall of wire fence with wire ties or special fastening screws. Their cheap price also makes them very popular for temporary screening at festivals or building sites for example.   


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