5 Of The Best Ways To Eat Jackfruit

There are many ways in which we can enjoy the increasingly popular, healthy meat substitute of jackfruit. With creative and imaginative new recipes being shared all the time, we take a look at five of the best ways to eat jackfruit. As an established provider of ethically sourced dried jackfruit and other dried fruit snacks, we have seen a whole host of new ways to eat jackfruit emerge and tried many different recipes. Today, we take you through five of our favourite ways to eat jackfruit.



Crispy dried jackfruit is a product made by vacuum frying with olive oil, sometimes called Crunchy jackfruit chips or Vacuum jackfruit chips. The English name is Dried Jackfruit Chips (same line as French fries). This product has a crunchy texture, is very enjoyable to eat and can be used in diet


Pulled jackfruit has been a revelation since emerging as a substitute for pulled pork. Not only is jackfruit a good alternative for pulled pork, but it is also a good substitute in dishes that traditionally contain pulled tuna or crab. Whether you plan to make BBQ pulled jackfruit burgers, pulled jackfruit chilli or a pulled jackfruit pizza, the alternative core ingredient can provide a welcomed change and a delectable, distinctive flavour.

Although the flavour is one element of pulled jackfruit to behold, perhaps the best reason to make the switch from pulled pork is sustainability and vegetarianism. No animals will be harmed in the process of the creation of your unique pulled jackfruit dishes! Grab your fork and start pulling your jackfruit, for a delicious twist to traditional meat dishes.


An alternative to dishes such as crab cakes and fishcakes, jackfruit cakes are a great dish to serve either as a starter or as a main meal, with larger portions. Who needs crab or any other type of fish when you have this large tropical fruit at your disposal? For vegetarians and vegans, finding seafood-like foods can be a challenge.

However, jackfruit has emerged as a frontrunner, being an alternative that provides a similar texture to crab meat and a flavour that matches, if not exceeds, that of the creature with pincers that lives in a variety of marine environments. If you have yet to try jackfruit cakes, give it a whirl! We love them and promise that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Veganosity provides a detailed breakdown of how to make jackfruit cakes.


A spin on the popular dishes pork or beef ribs. Whilst jackfruit ‘ribs’ may take the appearance of meat and ignite the taste buds just as much, there is no meat to be found here. It can be frustrating when alternatives to great looking and tasting meat dishes don’t come freely but once you discover jackfruit ‘ribs’, you can eradicate this notion so far as ribs are concerned.

A herbivores dream, jackfruit ‘ribs’ ooze with flavour – when cooked correctly – and goodness. Jackfruit ‘ribs’ are a fantastic option if you are looking to bring a dish to a gathering or would like to prepare food early. The ribs can be cooked ahead of time and your chosen dressing or sauce can be added just before you place them under the grill. A warm and cosy dish for the winter months or a terrific addition to your plate under the sun. Veggie Society provides a fantastic recipe for jackfruit ribs.


The last of the five ways to enjoy jackfruit to make our list is jackfruit pancakes. An alternative to the classic Chinese dish duck pancakes, jackfruit pancakes excite the senses. There are a wide range of ingredients to consider when looking to give your jackfruit pancakes a truly unique and mouth watering result. Here is just one example of a list of ingredients to accompany the jackfruit:

  • Pancakes
  • Spring onion
  • Cucumber
  • Shaved carrot
  • Hoisin sauce

Get creative with your jackfruit pancakes and bring your dish to life with whatever spices and ingredients you see fit! Why not enjoy jackfruit pancakes by taking inspiration from other Asian cuisines? Jackfruit resembles the texture of duck very closely and is therefore a leading meat substitute for this dish.

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