Dehydrating limes is a simple process that involves very little hands-on time. A great way to preserve this unique fruit to use in many other ways.

Out of all the citrus we have dehydrated over the years, the smell of the dehydrated limes is my favorite. I love the others too but the limes have stolen my heart.

Limes are freshest when purchased in the late winter and early spring. Luckily with new technologies that are available now, fresh citrus can be purchased year around.

So whether you have a lime tree in your back yard or they have a great sale at the grocery store, you can make these limes any time of the year.

You can dry the slices or you can even just dry the lime zest.

You don’t necessarily need a dehydrator to dry limes. There are actually four easy techniques. Commercial dehydrators, your oven, the sun or air dried or your air fryer.


For this recipe you only need fresh limes. Try to get the freshest limes. It’s best if you can find organic ones that have not been sprayed with chemicals.

If you can’t, wash them with a vinegar and water solution or just soap and water. Rinse well under hot water. Dry them well before slicing.



Step One

Slice limes into ¼ inch slices. Use a sharp chef’s knife, serrated knife or mandolin.

Step Two

Arrange slices on dehydrator rack in a single layer.

Step Three

Slide the tray into the dehydrator.

Step Four

Place odd sized pieces and ends on a separate rack. They generally take less time.

The ends are great to make lime powder for flavorings.

Set dehydrator to 100°F / 40°C. Dehydrate for 18-24 hours. Flip slices every 8-10 hours so that they dry evenly.

Test them after 24 hours. If they are not quite dry, continue to dehydrate until they are dry.

If you would like to speed up this process, you can turn the dehydrator up to 170°F / 80°C. They will take 2-4 hours at this higher temperature. The reason I like to do them at a lower temperature is that they keep their lovely color much better. Turning up the heat can make the natural sugars in the limes turn brown.

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Source: Binky’s Culinary Carnival


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