Great Benefits of salted lemon

Salted lemon is common in Vietnamese cuisine. But not many people know all the benefits of salted lemon. Let’s find out great benefits of this item in this article.

Treats bloating and indigestion

By soaking 1 salted lemon with hot water and drinking or slicing thinly and suck on the day. Every 60 minutes apart will reduce bloating and indigestion in adults.

Salted Lemon SAFIMEX benefits

Cures sore throat

The same goes for hot or sliced water as above. Sore throat will be significantly reduced. If mixed to drink, pay attention not to make too sweet, but a little more salt will be more effective.

Helps with weight loss

It has the effect of burning fat, destroying the excess fat on the body quickly. The method of weight loss using salted lemon water has been used by many people and brought great results. One advantage of this method is that it helps you lose weight evenly across all parts of the body. Helps the body toned and tidy.

Curves cough effectively

In salted lemon and especially in the lemon skin contains essential oils. Effective in clearing the throat, as well as disinfecting the throat thanks to the essential salt in its juice.

Increase the activity of the digestive system

To improve the intestinal tract in people suffering from diseases related to the digestive system such as indigestion, heartburn, digestive disorders … should drink 1 cup of salted lemon every 2 days. It helps to digest easily, healthy intestinal tract.

In addition, this also has other small effects such as:

  • Remove Sputum
  • Treat the flu
  • Treatment of typhoid

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