How Do You Preserve Dried Mango? (Explained)

Dried mango is one of the most loved fruits by many people. In fact, I am the first person to love dried mangoes!

In this post, I will share with you the best ways that you can use to dry mangoes and also save them for later use.

The method of drying mango using a dehydrator is very easy (we will explain it later), but now let’s start the journey of preserving dried mango from the beginning.

Which Mango I should choose to preserve as a dried?

As a general rule, you should choose the mango that is more ripe and firm, and avoid mangoes that are not sufficiently ripe.

There is a rule that I lay as a basis for me when drying any food using a dehydrator, which is “The better you choose the food before drying, the more wonderful results will be obtained after drying.”

That is why I always make sure to choose the food carefully before drying, and mango, in particular, should choose it carefully because it can give you results that you don’t Unexpected after drying such as becoming too crispy or too soft.

That is why I always prefer to choose the types of mango that are fully ripe and also coherent

How I should peel & cut the mango for preservation?

In fact, there is no perfect way to cut a mango before drying, but there is a note that you can follow.

After peeling the mango, cut the mango into large pieces, making sure to get as close to the inner mango seed as possible.

After this cut, the mango should be in the form of fingers of medium size and length, when you put it in the dehydrator, make sure that the lengths are close to each other and that the mango does not stick together.

 Mostly you will be left with small mango pieces, collect them all, and put them on one shelf in the dehydrator.

Note: You must shuffle the racks of the dehydrator at least every 8 hours so that all the mangoes are of the same degree of drying.

If you don’t feel like flipping the shelves of the dehydrator, the small pieces of mangoes should be on the top shelf.

How do you prefer your dried mango Crispy or pliable?

As I mentioned to you before, I am a fan of dried mangoes, and not only me, but my children also love them very much

But I face some difficulty when preparing dried mangoes due to their different tastes.

My older son loves it crunchy, but the little one prefers it to be Pliable. That’s why I prepared it in two ways, the first is crunchy and the second is Pliable.

How To Make Crispy Dried Mangoes?

In order to get a crispy dried mango, you must put it in the dehydrator for 14 to 18 hours at a temperature of 57 C, turning the shelves at least every 8 hours.

The crunchy mango is good as a snack, but I kind of don’t like it very much because I feel it tastes like candy.

How To Make Pliable Dried Mango?

In order to get a somewhat pliable dried mango, you have to put it in the dehydrator at a temperature lower than the fruit setting in the dehydrator, which is usually 41C, for 30 hours while flipping the shelves of the dehydrator.

The good thing about this method is that it tastes very good, and the mango also retains all the good enzymes.

How Do You Preserve Dried Mango?

After drying the mango, it can be preserved in a jar or zip-lock bag and will remain valid for at least one year

If you are going to use the ziplock bag, it is preferable to remove the air from it and put a teaspoon of powdered sugar so that the mango does not stick.

If you are going to keep it in a jar, you must put in the jar an Oxygen Observer.

Is there any other way to dried and preserve mango?

In fact, some countries in Asia, such as Vietnam, love preserving mangoes just like us, so they have excelled in manual ways to preserve mangoes, especially since mangoes are grown there in abundance.

This method depends on drying in the sun, where they beat the mangoes in a blender, then put them on a large cooking paper and leave them in the sun for two days, then cut them into rolls and put them in food preservation containers.

When I researched that the longest period of sun-dried mango can stay valid, I found it to be no more than 3 weeks at most.

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