How is Turmeric mask the most true?

The use of turmeric starch to cover the face was no longer too unfamiliar. By turmeric starch containing curcumin helps to beautify skin such as antibacterial, acne, intensive, white skin and against aging. However, among those who have been using this turmeric starch mask have used the right way to be able to get the best effect that turmeric starch can bring for themselves. The article below will guide you through the most accurate way to mask turmeric starch.

5 Ways to Take Turmeric

Instructions on how to cover the mask properly

The first thing to cover the skin is to clean the face thoroughly. You should wash your face with warm water to help the skin remove all the dirt, stretching the pores conducive to let the skin absorb the most nutrients present in the starch turmeric mask. After washing the face, you should scan the mask on the face and include the neck (many of you only have the habit of giving face to neck, but this is not recommended).

And don’t make masks too thick. Next, rinse with water, note that wash with cold water instead of warm water by cold water helps tighten pores to the skin.

What is the most effective mask?

According to the study of specialists, from about 23-01 a.m. is the time of the process of skin regeneration that helps skin be beautiful and more youthful. Also at this period, collagen and Elasgen are most produced to nourish the skin smooth.

How is Turmeric mask the most true_BEAUTY_SAFIMEX

Therefore, the most effective masking time is before bedtime. At this, the skin will proceed to self-recovery for the fastest and best skin.

Usually, a mask of about 15-20 minutes is sufficient not to be too long or too fast. Because if too fast, the skin is not in the absorption of the mask’s nutrients, too long, many times when it is reactive, harm the skin. How many masks 1 week is reasonable? People have to think about as much as possible. But it’s not very wrong thinking. Your facial skin is very thin, when the mask you remove the dead cells, the cells protect the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to have time to recover skin again. If you keep on using the mask will hurt the skin. Therefore, it is best to use 2 – 3 times a week and should be about 3 days 1 time.

In addition to using the mask in an effective way you need to know how to protect the skin after use. For example, you should carefully shield, or use sunscreen before going out. In combination with lotion, rose water to get more efficient.

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