How to decorate your space with silk lanterns

Silk lanterns are not only a lighting item but also a decorative item that are very popular today thanks to the variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Depending on the space or the purpose of events, there are always suitable lanterns to help you light up your spaces.

A space can be decorated with a variety of lanterns with different designs and colors. For the living room; bedroom or limited space; you should only choose from 2 to 3 colors corresponding to each other such as iron table lamps with elegant colors; lanterns hanging from ceilings with fancy designs. and striking with bright colors such as yellow; orange; red; young green; right at the door of the living room is a pair of red lanterns symbolizing wealth and peace.

How to decorate your space with silk lanterns hotel resorts cafes

For large spaces like hotels, resorts, cafes, multicolored lanterns are the most reasonable choice; because each space will be decorated with different colors, lights with medium light. Enough will contribute to brighten that space. In garden houses; gardens; lanterns; it is perfectly suitable for nature to combine a string of lights or many corners of space with different colors depending on the taste and decoration needs of the owner. space becomes sparkling, more beautiful than ever.

How to decorate your space with silk lanterns street bamboo

Lantern frame is made of anti-termite bamboo and covered with Quang Nam famous silk. Its two tips are made of wood. There are plentiful colours and patterns of choice. Silk with embroidery or painted pattern/logo is available upon request. That makes lanterns not only beautiful and vibrant but also strong, durable and can perform well in inside spaces or outside spaces.

Safimex supplies beautiful silk lanterns in different shape, size and color with competitive price for customers around the world. Please fee free to contact us for more details of our silk lanterns.

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