How to make nutritious moringa tea at home

Moringa oleifera is a tree with a lot of high nutritional value and is well known in many countries around the world and used in health care. From moringa oleifera, you can use its parts when fresh or dried. So how to make healthy moringa tea at home? Join us to find out through the content below!

Moringa oleifera leaves are used quite commonly, it is used to cook soup, make raw vegetables, make smoothies, or dried moringa oleifera leaves are used to make Moringa tea leaves, grind leaves into powder, then use to cook porridge, … . Dried moringa leaf has many different uses and effects, but it is common for dried moringa to be consumed every day.

Moringa Leaves

Dried moringa leaves you can store for long-term use is very convenient; especially for the elderly, the daily use of Moringa oleifera will have the effect of supplementing nutrients, strengthening energy; healthy; anti-cancer; anti-prostate cancer; stabilize blood pressure; protect the liver; reduce fat, ….

Moringa leaves are very thin so drying is also easier and faster. You can also dry it in the sun, but doing so will reduce the amount of nutrients because these nutrients are easily decomposed in the sun and ultraviolet rays.

To dry the moringa, you just need to put in the machine; set the temperature; humidity and drying time is finished. After a certain period of time, you will have the dried moringa to use.

When drying moringa, you should leave it at a temperature of about 50-60 degrees Celsius for about 2 hours for the moringa has been dried up. Then you put in plastic bags or sealed glass box for long-term preservation, regular use will be very convenient. Every time you want to make Moringa tea, you only need to take a small pinch of leaves to be enough; do not use too much because the nutrients in Moringa oleifera tree are many, if used in large doses, it is not good for body.

I hope this information about moringa leaves is useful for you. Enjoy your moringa tea and stay healthy.

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