Loofah or Pouf: Which is better? A Guide To Decide

Your bathtub or kiosk may be an oasis of relaxation and restoration, providing you with a touch of “me time” after a busy day. Bathing and relaxation are more than just soap and shampoos, loofah and pouf are also a bathroom essential which is bought with a lot of thought process and comfort. Both natural loofahs and artificial poufs exfoliate and cleanse the skin, but which is best for you? 

If you’re like me, it’s the latter. In my opinion, there’s just something about that hideous spongy pouf ball that doesn’t scream, “use me to become completely clean.” to not mention that the feel of a loofah—even the plastic mesh variety!—is pretty harsh on the skin. 

Apparently, that’s precisely the intent behind loofahs: to exfoliate and take away dead skin cells. But for many, when it involves an end-of-the-day shower session, they need soothing and simple—not scratchy and complex. In all the households in India, a loofah is and will be considered the perfect option for a “cheat bath.” It is the generation thing—or even cultural may be.

In an exceedingly brief poll of my friends, family, and colleagues, that the Loofah is supreme. But, of course, there hasn’t been any official research on what race tends to use one or the opposite, so I can only represent myself therein the concept of employing a loofah. It seems, however, that almost all of you’re divided on the difficulty, giving the slight edge to loofahs.

Loofah vs Pouf?

The Synthetic Pouf: 

A bath pouf may be a cleansing aid made out of synthetic mesh panels bunched together within the center to make a ball. They are available in a type of colors and typically may be found in your local drug store or supermarket. Their typical cost ranges between Rs.50-Rs.300, but they have to get replaced regularly. Experts recommend replacing your shower pouf every three weeks so as to stop the buildup of bacteria and yeast.

Benefits of a Shower Pouf: Unlike washcloths, shower poufs don’t have to be laundered. After every use, you’ll simply need to rinse a pouf, then hang it to dry. The employment of a shower pouf also makes your bottle of body wash last longer. Unlike washing along with your hands, a shower pouf increases lather production, and in contrast to a sponge, a pouf doesn’t absorb the product. Additionally, those with sensitive skin may find that a pouf is less irritating than a loofah. 

The Loofah: 

A loofah isn’t a man-made sort of a shower pouf. Loofahs are made up of a part of a plant that’s a member of the cucurbit family. The part of the plant that’s made into use in a shower aid is its fibrous seed pod. Although the term loofah is usually misused to explain natural sea sponges, the former two aren’t identical things. 

Benefits of the Loofah: Genuine loofahs may be harder to seek out than shower poufs. It’s going to be necessary to go to beauty-supply shops or get them organized online. In general, loofahs can last longer than shower poufs because they will withstand being sanitized by soaking in a very solution of bleach and water. When dried between uses and sanitized weekly, a loofah can last for a month or more. Sort of a shower pouf, a loofah will facilitate your getting the foremost out of your body wash by increasing lather production, and it doesn’t require trips through the washer.

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