Lotus Plumule

Lotus heart is an herb many people use to make tea instead of water daily. It is the inner green germ of the lotus seed, which has many health benefits. Lotus heart can be eaten but cannot be used directly because it is very bitter. When used to make tea, the bitterness in the heart of the lotus will be reduced. Usually, lotus heart tea will be used like a sedative, which lowers blood pressure and reduces body temperature.

Lotus plumule has the English name is Lotus plumule or Lotus seed core; Lotus heart; Nelumbo nucifera plumule . In China, it’s known as Lian zi xin.

Lotus heart has a length of about 10mm (equivalent to lotus seeds), about 1mm in diameter, the top of the bud is dark green with young leaves folded inside, the bottom is bright yellow.

The chemical composition of the lotus heart: After analyzing the chemical composition inside the lotus heart, the scientists found that the lotus heart contained: Asparagin and a small amount of Nelumbin (white, bitter taste ), when increasing the temperature up to 40-50 degrees, these substances will be dry and brittle, a little higher will change the substance into a viscous and soluble form of ethyl esters, alcohols, dilute acids, …

The lotus heart is also believed to contain substances such as; Neferin, lotusin, nuxiferin, pronuxiferin, metylcoripalin, demetulcoclaurin, alkaloids, flavonoids, amino acids, …

Lotus Heart is famous in Eastern Medicine with great uses for health. The most prominent effect of lotus heart must be mentioned is tranquility and heat. Lotus heart has a bitter taste, cold properties, often used to relieve tension of the mind, only blood wax, kidney benefits, lower pressure vessels, clear heat, used to moderate heat

Some great uses of lotus heart

  • Lotus plumule helps to calm and sleep

Lotus plumule tea SAFIMEX

Lotus heart is called the panacea for the treatment of chronic insomnia, very suitable for the elderly. The lotus heart contains chemical components that help calm and improve sleep such as asparagine and alkaloids such as nelumbin, nuciferin, liensini, …

Should be used in low doses (about 5g – 10g) and combine the use of lotus heart with other herbs such as honey, goji berries, chrysanthemums, … to make sedative tea. To use the lotus heart to treat insomnia, it is recommended to drink lotus water after having dinner about 1-2 hours.

The use of lotus heart tea at this time will help the brain relax, balance and enter the body easily.

  • Support blood pressure and stabilize heart rate.

According to scientific studies, the lotus heart helps reduce blood pressure and stabilize the heart rate very effectively. People with high blood pressure, heart palpitations, or nervous use lotus heart as a very effective tea.

  • Lotus plumule help clear the heat.

Lotus heart helps clear and detox the body. Besides, the frequent pimples, itching, rash using lotus heart regularly will be very effective. Thanks to this ability, lotus heart also helps to detoxify alcohol very well.

Some great uses of lotus heart

  • Lotus plumule support to treat urinary retention.

Thanks to the effect of cooling, sedating, lotus heart also helps to treat heat in the body leading to urinary retention.

  • Lotus plumule can cure diabetes

Many research results have demonstrated that the isolation of α-glucosidase inhibitors comes from herbs such as green tea leaves, olive leaves, and fig leaves, etc. has also been shown to inhibit α-glucosidase. Therefore, lotus leaf and lotus heart tea are expected to be effective in preventing an increase in post-meal glucose levels.

Scientific research on the composition of lotus heart tea also shows that, in its composition contains polysaccharide, alkaloid, has the effect of controlling glucose absorption, regeneration of insulin insullin to limit carbohydrate metabolism disorders and regulate regulate blood lipid level at an appropriate level.

Patients can mix 12g lotus heart drink every morning and evening.

  • Lotus plumule treat high blood pressure

According to modern medical researchers, lotus heart tea drinking water through the mechanism of action on the walls of blood vessels, then will reduce the smooth muscle of the arteries, help reduce the resistance on blood vessels, improve circulation. blood circulation in the coronary arteries, relieving the symptoms of chest pain and sedation, … From there, it will help stabilize blood pressure and prevent arrhythmia effectively.

  • Lose weight by lotus plumule.

In the composition of the lotus heart contains alkaloids that support and maintain sleep at an appropriate level. A good, deep sleep is an important weapon to maintain the functioning of the body’s organs, thereby preventing weight gain. When you have insomnia, it leads to eating at night or having to replenish nutrients to recover the body when it is insomnia, then you are easily obese.

In addition, lotus heart also helps to cool, purify the body, help increase the activity of the digestive system, thereby helping the metabolism and absorption of nutrients take place more easily.


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