Raw Nata De Coco

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Raw Nata De Coco
Press ratio: 1:10
Size: 3, 5, 10,15mm or big size: 24x30cm


Nata De Coco: Origin

Nata De Coco originated from the term nata-based coco where natare means floating in Latin and is named concerning the seasonal Nata De Pinna which refers to the pineapple-based nata or floating pineapple pieces or cubes on the surface. Commercial production of nata de coco began in 1954 and the production was later optimized in the mid-1970s. Nata de coco is mainly made from coconut water and a 118 gram cup contains 109 calories, 1 gram of protein, and 7 grams of carbohydrates. Nata De Coco possesses dietary fibre to aid digestion while carrying fewer calories compared to other desserts or sweets.


Nata De Coco: What Health benefits Does It Contain?

Nata de coco is the outcome of coconut water fermentation process performed by utilizing a bacteria named acetobacter xylinum. Nata De Coco possesses content that is as good as the pure coconut water, even though the nutritional content is not as equal. The following content is involved in a dose of 100 grams and is as follows:

  • Water = 80%
  • Fat = 20 grams
  • Phosphorus = 2 m
  • Calories = 146 cal
  • Iron = 0.5 grams
  • Carbohydrate = 20 gram
  • Calcium = 12 mg

Process Involved In Making Nata De Coco

The primary steps involved in preparing Nata De Coco is through the following steps:

  1. Extraction of the coconut water.
  2. Fermentation of the coconut water with bacteria acetobacter xylinum.
  3. Separation and cutting of the produced fat of the nata de coco.
  4. Cleaning and washing off the acetic acid.
  5. Cutting and packaging.

Is Nata De Coco Safe For Dieters?

According to studies and proven statistics, nata de coco is ideal for weight loss. It can be used as a tasty snack during fasting as it contains a lot of dietary fibre. Due to its low-fat content, nata de coco can be safely consumed by people who do not want to maintain their weight while they fast. Besides, nata de coco fibre and cellulose are great choices for effective weight loss.

With the significant number of fibres contained in it, nata de coco can also help to prevent constipation, haemorrhoids, coronary heart disease, appendicitis, colon cancer, diabetes, obesity, and so on. In addition to being nutrient and fibre-rich, nata de coco also possesses a unique flavour. Thus, nata de coco can be mixed in a variety of cold drinks while fasting. Nata de coco can be a great option to be mixed with ice fruit, custard, ice cream, or even a fruit cocktail. Additionally, nata de coco can also be consumed plainly with a mixture of water or sugar syrup. But if your priority is to control the intake of sugar, it must be consumed with water instead of sugar syrup.

As the energy involved in Nata De Coco is very low, it is safe to be eaten by diabetic people, as well. This product will not induce fat, and hence it is recommended for people who are on a low-calorie diet to lose weight. An additional advantage of nata de coco is the dietary fibre involved, it is quite high, especially cellulose. With adequate fibre of nata de coco or other food involved in the daily diet, the bowel movements become regular and the above-mentioned diseases can be easily prevented.

Although nata de coco possesses low nutritional content, consuming it in the wrong way can cause obesity or weight gain. This is caused when the Nata De Coco is mixed with extra sweet syrup or other ingredients. Therefore, the key is to avoid eating nata de coco with a mixture that is too sweet syrup or other ingredients are high in calories!

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