Straw story – Don’t sacrifice straws. Use us – edible colorful rice straw

Hi everyone!

My name is RS1, short for Rice Straw 1. Yes, I am a straw. My friends and I were born with a noble mission that we are very proud of: Make the world a better place!

But I got confused when we just showed up on earth, we heard lots of people blaming us “Straws are terrible”, “Straws are bad” “Ban them, ban straws”.

I had no idea what happened “Why are people so mad at us? What did we do?” We were shock, we cried a lot.

But then, my boss came to us and cheered us up. “Hey guys, there’s nothing to cry about, what people are talking, not about you, it’s about plastic straws. Plastic straws used to be a favorite stuff of people that help people enjoy their favorite drinks. People used lots of plastic straws every day. But now, people realize that plastic straws are bad for both human and environment. Plastic straws are just a very small stuff but they can stay in landfills or oceans for thousands of year and harm the habitat badly. Also, most of plastic straws are made of cheap recycled plastics, which contain heavy metals and are very harmful to human health. But you guys are different. You are awesome!

I felt awful and relieved at the same time. Awful because of the terrible harms that plastic straws have been causing people and the earth. Relieved because it’s not us. WE ARE DIFFERENT!

Yes. We are rice straws, we are eco-friendly straws, we are biodegradable straws and we are edible straws.

You know what, we are made of rice flour, a common material that people use every day as their food, so we are edible, just like people’s food, totally safe for human health. Also, we are colored up by plant colorants like carrot, beetroot, katuk, turmeric, …, so we are colorful. Moreover, we can biodegrade in just a few months, no harm to environment and creatures on earth.

We are colorful and edible rice straws

We are colorful and edible rice straws

When you finish your drinks, you can eat us up if you like. We don’t have any flavor but our texture is amazing. Try it and you will see.

We are colorful and edible rice straws drinking straw

Oh … Oh! One more, one more! You know what, we are also gluten-free. So, even if you are allergic to gluten, you can still enjoy us without worrying. | rice straw

We are amazing, aren’t we? Now, with using us, you can enjoy your favorite drinks without worrying about harming to environment. Enjoy your smoothie or bubble tea fully, no worries with take-away cups, and be cool to enjoy delicious coconut water directly from a coconut fruit. Cannot be more awesome, right!

Are we attracted to you?

We are colorful and edible rice straws SAFIMEX

If you would like to know more about us, please feel free to contact my boss. She knows every inch of us, she would love to support you and together we will make the world a better place to live. I hope you will accompany us and help us fulfill our destiny. | rice straw

We are only one step away. Contact our boss now:

Ms. Lucy


Whatsapp: +84 39 680 2832

Thank you very much and we’ll see you on the journey to make the world a better place!