Swap dish Sponges for a Natural loofah

I use loofah for dish washing and love this 100% biodegradable alternative to plastic washing up sponges. If you don’t use currently, I would recommend you give them a try. The spongy texture is perfect for washing dishes. The plant fiber are ideal for pots and pans, too. It works like scrubbing brush.You can cut it into small pieces according to your needs by kitchen knife. It is plastic free and micro plastic free. After using 3 months, it can be tossed into the compost !

BENEFITS Loofah Sponge Luffa Sponge


  • Wet the loofah
  • Buff dishes with it
  • Rinse the dishes with water

This helps remove grease stains from the dishes. You do not need dish soap for light meal dishes.

Plus I would love to grow my own loofah this year. Yes, it is a vegetable! I bought loofah seedling and planted in April. Old Japanese people used to make their dish washing sponges from homegrown loofah before. So I am trying on my balcony now and hope to get homegrown sponges after summer!!

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