The benefits of rice straw

If during this time we often hear the word straw, usually it is associated with rice plants. Yes .. it is this hay is one of the waste from agricultural products like this rice. As for the definition of this straw as quoted from wikipedia; Straw is a by-product of agricultural business in the form of stalks and stems of cereals type cereals that have dried, after the grains are separated. So the point is that this straw is the same as cereal crop farming waste, one of which is rice plant.

Usually post-harvest rice, rice farmers will use this rice straw for several purposes, such as animal feed, making compost, and others. But there are also some farmers who lack understanding of the benefits of rice straw, so they many who throw or even burn it, but if examined the benefits of burning rice straw that does not exist, it will even worsen the state of the soil or paddy fields. Burning straw will reduce the nutrient content of the soil, even if burning it too often in the field, will cause the soil to become hard and barren.


  1. For animal feed

Rice straw SAFIMEX 01 vietnam

If the rice harvest season is in progress, then the farmers like cattle; then this is a very exciting for them because it will be easier to find animal feed. As is the custom of our local people; they will be busy collecting rice straw for their livestock feed, usually they will immediately give to the cattle; or they dry it first for later given to the farm animals.

The benefits of rice straw for animal feed is also very good because some of the nutrient and nutrient content in this straw is very good for livestock.

  1. For fertilizer

You need to know that the waste from this rice can actually be utilized as the main ingredient of compost fertilizer. One of them is the benefits of rice straw is made Bokashi fertilizer. How to make bokashi fertilizer from rice straw this? Please read the explanation on the link below.

  1. For roof huts

Rice straw SAFIMEX 01 vietnam export

Not only useful for animal feed and fertilizer alone, it turns out the benefits of rice straw can also be used to make roof huts. Usually farmers will use this straw to make roofs or cover their huts in the fields. This will make their huts cool and comfortable.

  1. For plastic mulch replacement

Rice straw SAFIMEX 01 vietnam export plastic mulch replacement

Plastic mulch is one tool to help improve agricultural products that cover agricultural land; especially in plant beds so that the condition of soil fertility remains the case. Not only that, the benefits of mulch plastic use for this plant also aims to avoid the plants from weeds or weeds; so that fertilization or nutrition on the plants on target. But if you do not have enough cost to buy plastic mulch, there can also utilize rice straw for mulch replacement.

Even the benefits of this straw if used as mulch; will fertilize the soil and make your farms better; environmentally friendly; and does not require much cost.


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