The Best Materials for the Summer Hats: Effective Men’s Straw Hats for Summer

As the summer months are already here, you need to take precautions while going outdoors. The temperature will rise during the summer months which might cause dehydration. This is why you need to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. 

However, apart from ensuring proper functionality of your internal health conditions, you also need to ensure your eyes, face, head and skin are protected from the harsh rays of the sun. During summer, the UV rays will come at their peak points. Overexposing to UV rays will cause various skin and eye problems. Not to mention, UV rays are the primary cause of skin cancer. 

One of the best ways to protect you from the UV rays and scorching heat of the sun is by purchasing a high-quality hat. But not all hats will prove effective during the summer days. You need to choose something that is made of materials that can provide great sun protection. When it comes to choosing hats for sun protection, nothing is as effective as straw hats for men. 

High-Quality and Breathable Straw Materials 

Straw is one of the best materials for summer hats. As there are different types of straw materials available in the market, you need to choose something that can fulfill your requirements. Even though any straw is breathable and extremely lightweight which will boost your hat-wearing experience, each type of straw comes with unique features as well as distinctive qualities and look. When choosing the best straw hats for men, you need to know about the different types of straws so that you don’t make mistakes while purchasing them. Continue reading the article to know different straw materials. 

Panama Straw Hats 

The Panama straw is known as the most premium straw hat material. If you’re looking to purchase the best straw hats, the Panama hat straw should be your first choice. These hats are made of Toquilla palm plant. The woven of the Panama straw hats is tight and they ensure that the hats remain sunlight and water repellent. They are the best straw materials for straw sun hats. The material is not only lightweight but also versatile as well as highly eye-catching. Straw Panama hats will never make you look dull. 

This material has also been used to craft other types of sun hats for men. Apart from the straw hats, manufacturers also use the Panama straw in safari hats and western hats for men. The straw Panama hats should be your primary choice if you want something breathable and capable of protecting from UV rays. 

Shantung Straw 

The Shantung straw is another popular material that is as durable and as high-quality as the Panama straw hats. The process of crafting the Shantung straw hats is also unique. The Shantung straw hats are the flat and woven sheet that is shaped into the hat. The Shantung is lightweight and thin. Apart from that, the Shantung straw hats are extremely effective at boosting the fashion statement. Manufacturers usually use a light ivory shade to dye the Shantung straw hats. This is why these hats can be worn for both the summer and winter months. As per the Washington Post, you should wear a hat in winter

Seagrass Straw 

This is one of the most popular materials available in the hat industry. Seagrass material is not only extremely durable and also delightful to behold. The Seagrass material can be harvested from the floor of the ocean directly. Once they are treated and dyed properly, the Seagrass material becomes very stiff and firm. The Seagrass material is capable of standing apart from the crowd. The stiffness of the Seagrass material makes them perfect to create ventilated hats that feature super breathability. They are perfect for the warm and humid months. Due to their rugged appearance, the Seagrass straw hats are great options for men. The Seagrass straw hats are durable and they can hold their shapes for a long time. 

Milan Straw 

The Milan straw can be identified easily due to its layered weave. The weave of the Milan straw hats overlaps at different angles throughout the entire internal structure and construction of the hats. Manufacturers use different types of rich tones to dye the Milan straw hats so that they can develop a unique appearance that will make the hats more colorful. However, keep in mind that the weight of the average Milan straw hat is more than the other straw hats available in the market. This is because the overlapping weave of the Milan straw hats utilizes more materials, which makes the product heavier. The Milan straw hats are great for windy and summer months as the weight will prevent the hats from blowing away with the wind. 


These are the best materials for men’s straw hats. Do you want to purchase the best straw hats for men? Make sure you comment below to let us know. 

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