This Is What Happens to Your Body After You Eat Dragon Fruit

You may or may not have heard of or seen the rather exotic fruit known commonly as dragon fruit. It actually looks just like it’s named with colorful skin and pointy; dragon-scale looking spikes that scream “don’t eat me”. However; many have not heeded the warning that comes with the tough; off putting skin in an effort to see what is under that thick layer of scary.

Fortunately, the efforts of those who braved the spikes have paid off; we are left with a rather delicious fruit filled with vital nutrients including Vitamin C, carbohydrates, fiber, B Vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and lycopene.

So, if you want to take the semi-brave step and consume this strange-looking fruit, here is what will happen to your body:

1. Risk of diabetes will decrease

This fruit has a low glycemic index, essentially having a glucose lowering effect. As such dragon fruit has been found in several studies to lower a person’s risk of diabetes. One research study in particular looked at the reasoning behind this; and found that it could be derived from the betacyanin and antioxidant activity of dragon fruit. However, the effectiveness of red and white flesh varieties may differ.

2. Have the power to fight/prevent cancer

As is the case with many fruits and vegetables; dragon fruit is high in antioxidants which are basically disease-fighting machines that ward off and even kill free radicals.

Dragon fruit contains several types of antioxidants, including, Vitamin C, betalains and carotenoids. All three have been found in to reduce the risk of certain cancers including breast cancer by suppressing cancer cells. The beta carotenoids that give the dragon fruit its bold color have also been linked to a reduced risk of cancer.

3. You’ll have better digestion

Fiber, fiber, fiber. If you want to keep your digestive system moving along in a healthy direction, you must get fiber, and dragon fruit plenty  7 grams per one-cup serving, to be exact.

Dragon fruit is an excellent whole-food source of dietary fiber that keeps you regular and soluble fiber to prevent constipation and slow the absorption of sugar which is crucial to keeping bad bacteria out.


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