What is pandan tea?

Tea brewed from dried pandan leaves has a sweet taste and aroma. It is an innovative type of tea due to its unique flavour and nutritious qualities. The main feature of pandan tea is the use of a large quantity of tea buds in the blend, which is an indicator of a high-quality tea. Pandan tea tastes very herby and fresh.

Interesting facts about pandan

Pandan is a perennial herb that grows in tropical climates. There are many subspecies of pandan. The herb is used in many ways, both in food and in manufacturing. Its buds are used as an ingredient in cooking, while pandan leaves are an excellent flavour enhancer; of course, it is also used for tea production. 

Like many things in Asia, pandan plants have a special traditional meaning for the locals. The long, spiky leaves protect the house from negative energy and create a safe space free from uninvited guests.

Tea made from dried pandan leaves is a great tonic. It is a very refreshing tea with a herby aroma which appeals to those who love the soft and light taste of this tea.

How to brew a cup of Pandan tea

First of all, the tea set should be pre-warmed with hot water. Then the tea leaves should be added to the teapot – the quantity depends on taste.

The leaves should steep at 80°C for 30 seconds, before the tea is poured into each cup.

Finally, the tea should be savoured and enjoyed. Pandan green tea can retain its flavour for a long time. The tea may go cold, but the flavour will remain.

Note: To make pure and beautiful tea, you should pour the water slowly and leave the lid of the teapot open when not brewing tea.

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