What is the effect of eating tapioca flour?

Tapioca flour is not only a source of nutritional supplements but also a familiar oriental medicine with many positive effects on health. The article will share with readers about what is the effect of eating tapioca flour and the best way to use tapioca flour.

1. Origin and composition of tapioca flour

Tapioca is also known as white roll, khau sand, sand can, … is a plant belonging to the group of perennial vines. Stems are long vines, roots develop into long and large bulbs, about 6-8cm in diameter, about 15cm long. Tapioca root is solid, firm, heavy, contains a lot of flour, has a light aroma, sweet taste and coolness. Tapioca root is usually harvested at the end of October, ending in April of the following year. People will dig up the tubers, wash them, peel them, cut them into pieces, boil them to eat or dry them, and make tapioca flour for long-term storage.
In tapioca starch, starch contains 12 – 15%. In addition, cassava flour also contains isoflavones – natural active ingredients with functions similar to estrogen, which help improve hormones, beautify skin and keep women’s shape. Besides, tapioca starch also contains active ingredient puerarin (vasodilator effect, antioxidant, heart-protective,…); substance daidzein (muscle relaxant effect) and genistein substance (helps reduce belly fat, anti-oxidant and improve body shape,…).

2. What are the health benefits of eating tapioca flour?

What are the benefits of eating cassava? Tapioca flour has many uses such as:

2.1 Making food Before making it into flour, when it is first harvested, you can eat the whole tapioca root by boiling or baking? Is it good to eat boiled cassava? With rich nutritional composition and sweet taste, boiled and baked cassava is a snack with many health benefits and is loved by many people.

In addition, tapioca flour can also be used to make cakes, cook tea, make soft drinks,… Lotus tea, areca flower tea, … are often cooked with tapioca flour to create a medium consistency. right, adding natural sweetness, helping to clear the body’s heat.

2.2 Beauty Use tapioca flour as a mask to effectively treat melasma.

In addition, tapioca starch also has the active ingredient genistein, which helps to lose weight and keep fit.

How to make a mask of cassava flour to treat melasma:

Prepare 3 spoons of tapioca flour + 1 egg white; Mix tapioca flour and egg whites until they blend into a smooth paste; Wash your face with warm water and cleanser to open the pores; Apply the mixture on damp face, massage for about 3-5 minutes, save the mixture on the skin for about 15 minutes; Use warm water to wash your face and then pat dry; Do 2-3 times/week.

How to use tapioca flour to lose weight?

Every day, you just need to drink 1 glass of water, including 300ml of water mixed with 15g of tapioca flour and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, which can help the body lose weight, reduce belly fat and clear heat. effective poison.

2.3 Healing In Eastern medicine, kudzu is a commonly used medicinal herb because it has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying and refreshing. Some remedies from cassava are as follows:
Cold relief

Traditional medicine has a remedy Cat can thang is used to treat cold and flu symptoms with symptoms such as fever, fear of wind, fear of cold, pain headache, pain and stiffness in the neck.
The remedy includes: 12g sand base + 6g cinnamon chi + 8g ephedra + 8g Sinh Khuong + 6g white dahlia + 6g licorice injection + 12 big apples; Use decoction to drink 1 month a day, divided into 3 meals.

Cure sunstroke

You just need to use 12g of tapioca flour, mix it with boiled water to cool, add a little sugar, stir until it dissolves and then let the person with a sunburn drink.

Cure alcohol poisoning

You need to prepare 30g tapioca flower powder + 15g licorice powder, mix together. Every time you get drunk, mix 3g of the above mixture with cold water and give it to drunk people to drink. Or more simply, take 20g of dried cassava flowers and cook with 1 liter of water, drink several times a day.

Cure food poisoning, blood in the stool

You stir 500ml of fresh tapioca juice with 500ml of fresh lotus root juice, drink it little by little until the symptoms of bloody stools are gone, then stop drinking.
Treatment of dysentery for heat

The patient has symptoms of abdominal pain, vomiting, burning sensation in the anus and possibly bloody stools.

The remedy is as follows: Take about 15g of tapioca flour, dissolve it with enough sugar in 300ml of water. Then, put water on the stove, stir until thickened, let cool, then eat. Eat 2-3 times a day, the condition will improve.

Anti-itching due to sweat

You need to prepare 5g tapioca powder + 5g natural flower pollen + 20g talc. Then, mix the above mixture well and sprinkle it on the itchy area.

3. Some important notes when using tapioca flour

People with yang qi should not use tapioca flour. Manifestations of this disease include: Loose stools, or feeling bloated, bloated, pale mouth, thin white mossy tongue; cold limbs; no feeling of thirst; Children should not drink tapioca starch water mixed with raw. Because cassava flour has soldering properties, it helps to clear heat, but if the child does not have heat, using raw tapioca flour will easily cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. If feeding children, should cook cassava flour to reduce coldness, safer for children; Pregnant women with a miscarriage or threatened miscarriage, … should not use tapioca flour; Limit the use of tapioca flour mixed with cold water because it is easy to cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. If possible, you should cook it when eating or mix it with hot water to reduce side effects; Do not combine honey with cassava because it will produce some substances harmful to health; Do not marinate pomelo flowers with tapioca juice because it will reduce the original medicinal herbs of cassava; People with low blood pressure, weak body should not use tapioca flour in the morning (because this is the time when the hormone level in the blood is quite low); Do not drink cassava at night because it will cause the digestive system to work continuously, which may adversely affect the stomach; Do not drink tapioca starch when hungry. Therefore, the best time to drink tapioca flour is after lunch or dinner about 30 – 60 minutes; Do not abuse drinking tapioca flour, the best dose is 1 cup/day; Do not mix tapioca flour with too much sugar; Tapioca flour should only be purchased at reputable sales establishments with clear origin to ensure safety. The article has answered for readers about the problem: Eating tapioca flour has any effect on health. Tapioca flour has many health benefits, but users should not abuse or prepare it in the wrong way, in the wrong ratio to avoid causing unpredictable consequences for health.

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