Where Garlic Powder Are Used For?

What is Garlic Powder?

Garlic Powder is a fine powder ground from dehydrated garlic flakes. The garlic powder can be easily blended into instant foods with an extended shelf life of one year. It’s because the dried garlic powder has zero moisture content and also retains the garlic’s distinctive flavour and nutritious value without forming clumps. 

How Garlic Powder Made?

First, the garlic will be sorted, divided into cloves, cleaned, and washed by removing the impurities and flaky skin. Next, the garlic cloves will be passed to the dehydrator, where the tiniest traces of moisture in garlic will be extracted to deliver dried garlic flakes. Finally, the dehydrated garlic flake is grounded or pulverized to produce dehydrated garlic powder. Dried garlic powder will be cooled and collected. They get air-packed after being checked for quality requirements.

How Does Garlic Powder Taste?

Garlic powder brings the garlicky taste that mimics the freshly sliced garlic clove. In fact, our powder possesses a little more delicate and concentrated garlic flavour.

Where is Garlic Powder Used For?


Indian cuisine remains incomplete without the masalas and spices, specifically garlic and onion. They contribute to the flavour, taste, and colour of your cuisine. Since masalas come in the powdered form, garlic powder gets easily introduced into them with zero risk of spoiling the product. The lack of moisture content in our powder offers an aromatic treat with an extended stay period for masala powders, including chicken masala, mutton masala, paneer tikka masala, sambhar powder, and rasam powder. Meat-based masalas stand apart from the rest of the variety due to the stronger taste of garlic powder present in them.


Additionally, the tastiest seasonings never miss to include our dried garlic powder to leave garlic hints on the meat marinades, noodles tastemakers, and namkeen seasonings. The lightweight dried garlic powder blends well with the seasonings and settles on the top of crunchy potato chips, popcorn toppings, pasta and pizza toppings.

Ready To Cook/Eat/Heat:

As you might know, a typical Indian touch can be given to Indian instant products only with the presence of mandatory spices like garlic. So, the RTE and instant products pick up an additional tangy boost of dry garlic powder and infuse it into soup mix powder, instant biryani mix, RTE chutneys, and thokku, instant curry mix to deliver a mouth-watering flavour with a perfectly thick consistency. 


Dehydrated Garlic powder has several medical benefits that make pharmaceutical companies implement our powder into their health supplements and capsules. 


The most traditional method of pickle making is now readily inviting garlic powder, not only to prepare garlic pickles but also to let it in a small portion in other spicy pickles just to feel freshly consumed. 


For bringing a top-notch sharp flavour to bakery products, sauces, ketchup, dips, and flavoured mayonnaise, the ideal option will be the implementation of dried garlic powder. 

Benefits of Garlic Powder:

There are several reasons and benefits for picking our garlic powder, which are as follows:

  • Easily bring garlic flavour in a natural and convenient way.
  • Being in powder form, it can blend easily with any instant food.
  • Longer shelf life of 12 months.
  • There are high chances that raw garlic could spoil any instant or RTE products by getting burnt or forming lumps or being undercooked. But, our flawless garlic powder blends instantly leaving zero traces of moisture or lumps.
  • Purchasing dried garlic powder bulks can save your labour and procurement costs since it involves a lot of cleaning. 

Fresh Garlic vs Garlic Flakes vs Garlic Powder:

Raw garlic is a fresh one harvested from the farm whereas garlic flakes are processed in a dehydration machine which is whole peeled garlic cloves in a dried form and the garlic powder is an extremely fine powder grounded from dehydrated garlic flakes.

Substitute for Fresh Garlic:

When you have a natural food product that requires the exact flavour, taste, and nutritional profile of garlic with additional features, why would you need a clove of perishable raw garlic with a low shelf life? Dried Garlic powder, garlic flakes, dried garlic minced, dried garlic granules, dried garlic Chopped, Toasted dehydrated garlic, fried dehydrated garlic and Roasted (Oil) dehydrated garlic are the most effective substitutes for raw garlic in real-time. 

How to Store Garlic Powder?

Our Dehydrated garlic powder should be placed in a completely dry, cool, and dark place away from direct natural light or dirt. Additionally, because there is no water present, our garlic powder is easier to store in large quantities without needing to be refrigerated.

What is the Shelf Life of Garlic Powder?

When properly stored under recommended storage, the extremely fresh and odour-pleasing garlic powder remains fresh for one year long.

Where to buy Garlic powder?

If you are looking for the Garlic powder, you can visit to Safimex website or contact us at to get more details about this product.

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