Why Coconut Bowls are so Popular? An Answer from Coconut Bowls Manufacturer

These days, when the eco-friendly lifestyle becomes a global trend, coconut bowls are rising in demand massively. Also, we can see coconut bowls everywhere on any shopping shelves of home decor retailers. So have you ever wondered why coconut bowls are so attractive to wholesalers and retailers other than these increasing demands? Let’s explore the reasons in this blog with us.

1. Sustainable and Reusable Coconut Bowls

The very first reason is that a natural coconut bowl is a perfect example of how businesses care for the environmental impact. In addition to financial benefits, retailers could bring additional value to customers. In fact, bowls made from coconut are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional bowls whose materials are plastic, metal, or glass. Manufactured from coconut shells without excessive processing, therefore, they are as natural as possible. 

In addition, this distinctive product line originated as a consequence of other businesses. Originally, the coconut shells is typically “unwanted waste” from the tourism and food and beverage industries. Coconut shells that would otherwise be discarded are exploited to add value without affecting the environment. Therefore, the adoption of coconut bowls product lines is an environmental movement for retailers and wholesalers.

2. Long-lasting Coconut Bowls Products

Other than the use of sustainable materials, the goods are very durable for natural materials. The enemy of organic materials is moisture. When exposed to excessive humidity, natural materials are susceptible to mold growth, prompting some providers to apply preservatives. However, coconut bowls are waterproof by design. Without this characteristic, humans could never taste coconut liquid. 

Consequently, they are inherently resistant to mold to a certain extent. The sole further step in the creation of coconut bowls is polishing with coconut oil. So far, wholesale Coconut bowls have shown to be a sturdy product line. We hope that this understanding will aid in the expansion of your firm.

3. Various Types of Coconut Bowls Made for Wholesale

Following the differentiation strategies, manufacturers give customers incremental innovation in their product offerings. Simply said, retailers are able to enhance their existing products to create superior versions of their offerings, establishing themselves apart from competitors. As a result, there are various types of coconut bowls for wholesale, ranging from kitchenware to home decor and bathroom accessories. They are created by processing the natural coconut shells and other materials like lacquer, eggshells, and mother-of-pearl (MOP). 

3.1. Kitchenware

3.1.1. Eggshell Coconut Bowls 

Eggshell-inlaid coconut bowls are created in a manner similar to their predecessors. First, artisans take coconut husks and shape them using sandpaper. Then, using their dexterity, students combine broken eggshells with an eco-friendly glue combination to make totally unique goods. From the wholesale factories, while making bespoke items, these coconut bowls retain their durability.

3.1.2. MOP Coconut Bowls

The most frequent method of making MOP coconut bowls is to combine ecologically friendly glue with seashells of various sizes and inlay them into coconut bowls according to your specifications.

The hues of this product range are distinctive. Pearl shells have their inherent hues, allowing them to dazzle without excessive treatment. The various hues derive from the many types of mussels, and their values vary according to their scarcity. 

3.1.3. Lacquer Coconut Bowls

Lacquer substance enables artisans to create intricate designs for transforming plain coconut bowls into wholesale lacquer coconut bowls. Combining lacquer’s characteristics with raw coconut shells, artists might make a number of designs that could be used to expand your company’s product line.

3.1.4. Laser-cut Engraved Coconut Bowls 

If you are a store owner in search of simple coconut bowls, the laser-cut and engraved coconut bowls made in Vietnam may be suitable. Using the wholesale natural laser-cut engraved coconut bowls, you might provide your retail clients with an eco-friendly coconut bowl. This product’s design is simple, but it is lovely in a natural way.

3.2. Bathroom Decor – Coconut Soap Dish 

This coconut soap dish could be the missing piece to your product line, providing your consumers with a complete set of coconut shells that can be used in every room of their home. Consequently, your varied services could satisfy the requirements of customers looking for a more environmentally responsible life.

3.4. Home Decor – Coconut Bowls for Candles Made in Vietnam

Coconut candles exemplify natural beauty. As people become more conscious of the approaching climate crisis, sustainability has never been more popular. As a result, these coconut bowls for candles stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, eco-friendly candles may entirely suit worldwide consumers’ aesthetic and relaxing lives. Therefore, this product line could bring profitable returns for your retailing businesses.

4. The Coconut Bowls Wholesale Manufacturing Process 

In order to have these coconut bowls available for wholesale, craftspeople from trade villages utilize the discarded undesirable coconut shells. Coconuts that have reached maturity can create a shell that is sufficiently durable to serve as a bowl.

Specifically, to process the shells, craftsmen reduce the size of the coconut shells to the required proportions. Then they sand them down, both inside and out so that they have a smooth and glossy appearance.

5. Where to Find Coconut Bowls Wholesalers or Manufacturers

Coconut is a fruit that grows a lot all over the world. Each country and territory takes advantage of coconut shells, leaves, and coconut trees to make many different things. In Vietnam, Artisans has skilled in making coconut bowls for decades. They collect dried coconut shells, peel, grind and polish them into smooth, beautiful coconut bowls.

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