Why should we use shrimp shell powder to make animal feed?

As a by-product of shrimp processing. Shrimp peels provide nutrients and minerals that improve the appetite for food

Use shrimp shell powder for animal feed:

  • Cattle: A valuable source of feed for dairy cattle does not affect milk quality.
  • Pig: The protein value of shrimp meal is just right for pigs, but should not exceed 50% of fish meal protein, which affects digestion, stimulates growth.
  • Chicken: substitute 25-65% fishmeal, 50-100% soybean meal.
  • Duck: can supplement 20% in the diet.
  • Fish: creates an attractive flavor that stimulates fast food.

Why You Should Save Your Shrimp Shells - 1

The advantages of shrimp meal shell include:

  • Providing protein and nutrients suitable for livestock.
  • Improve the taste of food, stimulate growth and development.
  • Calcium and pigment supply are essential elements in eggshell formation and quality of yolk.
  • Shrimp shell containing chitin is essential for the formation of shell of shrimp, poultry eggs.
  • Stable, natural, cheap, economical and suitable raw materials used in formulas, feeds for livestock, poultry and fishery.

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