4 Benefits Of Nata De Coco For Health

Nata de coco is a complementary treat of beverages made from coconut water using Acetobacter Xylinum bacteria for its fermentation process. Although most nata are generally made with coconut water, nata de coco can be made using other ingredients such as coconut milk, molasses or molasses, and other juices such as melons, pineapples, oranges, bananas, guavas, strawberries, and etc.

4 Benefits Of Nata De Coco For Health

The Origin

Nata de coco comes from the Spanish language, namely: sebainatare, which is then translated into Latin is Natare which means floating. Giving the name nata based on the material of manufacture, such as it made from pineapple then given the name Nata De Pinna, and others. But even so, which is very popular and already popular is nata de coco is coconut-based nata. 


With the main ingredients nata de coco coconut water, which we already know that the benefits of coconut watercontains minerals and vitamins that benefit the body. So, whether notabennya is the result of fermentation still has benefits? Yes, although nata de coco is the result of coconut water fermentation by utilizing bacteria acetobacter xylinum. But it also has a content that is not less good than the original coconut water, although the nutritional content is not too much. The content in a dose of 100 grams is as follows:

  • Water = 80%
  • Fat = 20 grams
  • Phosphorus = 2 mg
  • Calories = 146 cal
  • Iron = 0.5 grams
  • Carbohydrate = 20 grams
  • Calcium = 12 mg

But not only that, this product also contain vitamins and chemical compounds that are no less beneficial to the human body. Here are:

1. For Children

Most of the fans of nata de coco are among children. The sweet taste and unique texture make it very loved by children, though not infrequently also among adults who like nata de coco. However, it is not only as a dish for children, behind all the benefits is also healthy for children.

The content of the benefits of B vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, and the benefits of vitamin C is certainly very beneficial to improve the body’s immunity. The considerable amount of water in nata de coco can also meet the water needs of children where children are generally active to play and need enough water.

2. Safe For Diabetes Patients

As long as it is consumed with the correct amount and way and not excessive, then considered safe to be consumed by diabetic patients though. This refers to the cholesterol content that is not too much, so as not to disrupt the blood circulation and does not affect the concentration of sugar in the blood. Other foods that can be consumed by diabetics, namely:

  • Benefit toge
  • Benefits of dragon fruit
  • Benefits of soy milk

3. Does Not Disturb Diet Process

So, is nata de coco safe for dieters? Yes, the answer is safe. If we refer to the number of calories contained in nata de coco then this certainly will not affect those who are on a diet. So, for the dieters then consume nata de coco is quite safe. In addition to the benefits of brick de coco, a number of other foods can also help the diet process:

  • Benefits of apples
  • Benefits of brown rice
  • Benefits of red beans

4. Streamlining CHAPTER

With the benefits of fiber contained in the benefits of nata de coco, then of course this food is quite good in terms of facilitate digestion in our body. If you are having difficulty defecating or constipation, then it can help us to facilitate defecation.

Even it can help make the diet process successful, because fiber content of nata de coco is able to bind water and absorb carbohydrate well. So, there’s nothing wrong for the dieters to include it into a list of foods that are well consumed.

Consumption Other foods containing fiber are present in:

  • Benefits of papaya fruit
  • Benefits of kale
  • Benefits of the pear

Unsafe Nata De Coco Consumption

Of the several benefits of nata de coco for our bodies mentioned above. It turns out that this also has a negative impact on the body or the opposite effect of the benefits mentioned. The negative impact is none other than the bad consumption pattern, with the wrong consumption pattern.

Cause Obesity

If the benefits above nata de coco safe for dieters, but it can actually lead to obesity. Obesity that occurs caused by additional sugar or other sweeteners when serving nata de coco, it can increase fat in the body and cause obesity.

Cause Diabetes

Not only that, this can also increase the risk of diabetes. This is again due to unfavorable consumption patterns, which is usually the use of additional syrup or sweetener when making a type of drink using nata de coco. Syrup and artificial sweeteners are excessive and in the long term that is what causes blood sugar levels can increase.

If you want to consume nata de coco without negative impact, then consume wisely. With good consumption patterns and with the right amount (not excess). Because is not something excessive will have a negative impact? Similarly, a healthy diet, if excessive consumption will be a dangerous food 


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