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Imports of fresh limes to the European market grew by nearly 40% in volume between 2012 and 2016. Further growth is expected as a result of the increasing popularity of limes in food preparation and drinks. Exporters from developing countries can take advantage of these developments and offer alternative sources to the dominant supply from Mexico and Brazil. At the same time, the increasing worldwide availability often floods the European market and presses prices down. Exporting Fresh Limes to Europe |

Exporting Fresh Limes to Europe

Which European markets offer opportunities for exporters of fresh limes?
General information and figures about production and trade developments in the European market for fresh fruit and vegetables are provided on the CBI Market Intelligence Platform. This section provides detailed statistics on the trade and consumption of fresh limes in Europe.
Increasing imports from developing countries
Imports of fresh limes to the European market have increased from 99,000 tonnes in 2012 to 136,000 tonnes in 2016. Practically all imports of fresh limes originate in developing countries, principally Brazil and Mexico. The only developed countries that export limes to Europe are Israel and the United States, and only in very small quantities (see Figure 1).

The Netherlands and the United Kingdom have relatively large import volumes from developing countries. The United Kingdom is an end market that you can supply to directly. As well as Belgium, the Netherlands is a typical entry point to greater Europe. Most of this import comprises seedless Persian limes, mainly from Brazil and Mexico. New suppliers from developing countries are emerging, such as Vietnam, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru.

Rapid growth confirms position of the Netherlands as trade hub [H3]

At 99,000 tonnes, the Netherlands is the largest importer of limes. It is also the country that registered the highest import growth in the past years. This increase is a direct result of a growing demand in the Netherlands and in the surrounding countries supplied by the Netherlands. In 2016, the Netherlands re-exported 66,000 tonnes of limes, its main destinations being Germany and France.

Northern Europe is the main destination

Major destination countries include Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Northern Europe is very relevant for the lime trade, because consumption is high. Eastern European markets such as Romania and Bulgaria are still small, but they are experiencing strong growth. The latter markets often depend on re-exported limes

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