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Bright and sunny. Sweet and tart. Bits of juicy pineapple in every bite. If you’ve never made jam before in your life, this pineapple jam is the place to start. 20 minutes. 2 ingredients. It’s practically impossible to screw up. Homemade Pineapple Jam |

Homemade Pineapple Jam

homemade pineapple Jam - safimex

  • Prep Time
  • 30 mins
  • Cook Time
  • 1 hr 15 mins
  • Total Time
  • 1 hr 45 mins

This golden Homemade Pineapple Jam is the perfect filling for mini tarts and thumbprint cookies with just the right amount of sweetness and tartness.
(Yields about 2⅓ cup (1½ lbs/700g) pineapple jam)

  • Course: Dessert
  • Cuisine: Malaysian, Western
  • Servings: 38
  • Calories: 52 kcal
  • Author: Linda Ooi


  • 2 large pineapples
  • 1⅓ cups sugar (292g)
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 6 cloves


  1. Cut off pineapple skin and remove eyes that are remaining. Quarter the pineapples lengthwise and cut off the core. Then cut pineapple quarters into chunks.
  2. Blend pineapple chunks in a blender. Pour into a strainer to remove some of the juices. Transfer to a deep saucepan. Do this in several batches. Discard or save pineapple juice for drinking.
  3. Place saucepan on the stove over medium heat. Add sugar, cinnamon stick, and cloves.
  4. Cover and cook for approximately 55 minutes or until most of the juices have evaporated. Do stir every now and then to prevent the jam from burning.
  5. Remove the lid and start stirring the jam until it is quite dry and golden brown in color. This should take about 20 minutes.
  6. Remove cinnamon stick and cloves. Transfer to a jar and allow it to cool completely.

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