How To Dry Herbs And Flowers

How To Dry Herbs And Flowers

Before you know it, the summer growing season will be over. It can be quite sad to no longer have fresh blooms and herbs at your fingertips, but the good news is that drying is the  perfect way to preserve your end of season bounty. Drying your flowers and herbs is easier than you think, and it is a great way to enjoy them all year long. Dried flowers and herbs are so purposeful, and can be used in your cooking, crafting, or even your decorating. Take a look below at how you can dry your own flowers and herbs so you too can enjoy them all year long.

Herbs such as mint, oregano, rosemary, lavender, and more are perfect for drying. You can also dry flowers such as roses, daisies, salvia, and other varieties. So pluck those end of the season flowers and herbs and look below to see how you can get started on drying them!

How to Dry Herbs and Flowers:

Hang Dry Method

This method is ideal if you want to dry your flowers and herbs in bundles. For example, if you have a rose bouquet you want to keep intact or a bundle of lavender.


1. First, arrange your flower or herb stems in a bundle.
2. Tie a string around the stems tightly.
3. Hang the bundle upside down is a space that is dry and warm.
4. Allow the flowers to hang for 15 days. Check on them every few days to see how they are doing. You may need to go for as many as 20 days if your blooms are not drying quickly.
5. Check your string every few days, since the stems will loose moisture and shrink as they do. You may need to tighten your string if this happens.
6. Once dry, go ahead and take your flowers or herbs down. They are now all ready for use!

The Microwave Method

This method is ideal if you want to dry flowers petals or herb leaves as opposed to stems or bundles. It is also a quick method and perfect if you want to dry in a few minutes as opposed to the course of a few weeks.


1. Lay your flower petals or herb leaves onto a piece of paper towel. Then, place the piece of paper towel on a piece of parchment paper.
2. Cover the petals or leaves with an additional piece of paper towel and parchment paper.
3. Now, place the entire layered package onto a microwave safe plate.
4. Place the plate into the microwave. Put a plate on top of the stack to press the paper on the petals or leaves down.
5. Microwave on high for at least one minute.
6. Check on the progress. If not dry yet, repeat this process for another minute. Continue this process until the petals and leaves are dry.
7. Once dry, they are ready for use.

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