How To Dry Radishes From Safimex SJC

How To Dry Radishes From Safimex SJC

Step 1

Wash the radishes and pat them dry. Use fresh daikon radishes for the best results. Use a sharp knife and cutting board to carefully slice the radishes into thin, long strips. Try to keep the slices about the same width so they take the same amount of time to dry.

Step 2

Choose a basket or food dehydrator to dry the radishes. A food dehydrator works faster than the basket method. Using a basket saves electricity but requires more time and proper environmental conditions. Basket drying is easier in the summer and in dry climates. Arrange your radish slices in one layer in the food dehydrator tray or basket.

Step 3

Set your basket of radish slices out in the sun for approximately two days. If you are using a food dehydrator, consult the owner’s manual. Follow your instruction manual to dry the radish slices in the food dehydrator.
Dried daikon radish smell goes away when reconstituted. Either soak in cold water for an hour or boil in water for a couple of minutes to rehydrate your radishes. Radishes are low-calorie and contain fiber, calcium, B1, B12 and iron.
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