The inimitable health benefits of Mango Powder (amchor) that will make you love it more

     1. Mango Powder Benefits:
Mango powder or amchor is the powdered dry mango used in culinary preparations widely in Vietnam for its tantalizing taste and nutritional value. Though people might relish its taste when used as ingredient in food preparations, very few know that amchor has several health benefits. Once you know its amazing health benefits, you will have more reasons to love this tasty ingredient

     2. How to make Amchor
Mangoes are seasonal products and are therefore available only during summer months. However, people have evolved some traditional preservative methods that help make this wonderful vegetable available during any part of the year. Amchor is prepared by peeling off their skin, slicing and drying in sun. If needed, well dried slices are powdered and seasoned with turmeric for added flavor and a durable preservation
3. Culinary uses of Amchor
There are several applications for mango powder in the traditional cooking. Due to its lovable sour taste, it can add flavor to curries, soups, marinades and chutneys. In fact, people say amchor adds more taste to dishes than real mangoes. Non-vegetarian recipes employing fish and chicken are also flavored with amchor. The taste characteristics of mango powder are similar to lime.
Improves digestion – Mango Powder Benefits
Amchor can effectively fight acidity and give a boost to the digestion process in all parts of the alimentary canal. By adding mango powder in your diet, you can also fight constipation and gastritis. Those who have flatulence after eating can have a significant relief and can get their bowel movements well regulated. If you are interested in improving your digestive tract and enhance overall health, you must consume amchor regularly.
Assists in weight loss – Mango Powder Benefits
The great news for amchor lovers is that this tasty spice can help in weight loss too. Mango powder is a rich store house of antioxidants that can help lose weight quickly. Since this tasty spice has very low quantity of carbohydrates, it is an ideal supplement during weight loss programs.
Betters vision – Amchor Benefits
Amchor is rich in vitamins. It can be depended on for improving the vision too. The mango powder benefits to eyes include bestowing clarity in vision and minimize the chances for cataracts and eye disorders.
Puts off cancer – Mango Powder Benefits
Mango powder is an excellent food to keep cancer away. The rich presence of vitamin C in amchor helps cure scurvy the most effective way. Those looking to recover from scurvy can take amchor mixed in Jaggery (gud) in the morning every day in empty stomach.
Improves skin health – Amchor Benefits
Amchor has a host of benefits for the skin. Experts have found that mango powder can help enhance the texture of the skin besides thoroughly cleaning the pores, removing the oil and dirt from the skin thereby letting it look fresh, young and nourished.
Contributes to heart health – Mango Powder Benefits
Very few know that amchor can contribute to heart health too. Mango powder significantly enhances the cardiovascular health and helps prevent heart attacks and several other diseases associated with the heart. Therefore, you have more reasons to love this tasty ingredient and add it to your daily cooking.